Dara and GD (Daragon) Fan Fiction: The Mysterious Guy in White

Jun 30, 2009

Okay, BOREDOM has dominated my day. I couldn’t help myself to stare blankly at my PC. I was getting so bored that I needed to do something then luckily I found something that could help me escape boredom. I found a fan fiction of Dara and GD. I couldn’t help myself to ignore it. I’m not actually a fan of reading fan fictions but when it comes to Dara and GD, I couldn’t resist any of it. I find the story line just average. Some parts could make you smile and some just makes you go like “Wah~?” Anyway, click the image above if you’re interested with Dara & GD’s (Daragon) fan fiction or click here to read it.


I personally adore the picture. It's like a movie/series poster. Hahaha ~

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