2NE1 - It Hurts MV has been revealed!

Oct 31, 2010

Who would have thought a sad love song could have a theme like this? Aside from Utada Hikaru, our girls could be the only one who pulled this off perfectly. Everything was just perfect. From how they look (they were all so beautiful), from how they were dressed up to how they expressed the pain and sadness of the song. Their EMOTIONS were overflowing especially our very own DARA.

Dara expressed all of her emotions seamlessly that I couldn't help myself but to cry. I cried for the pain she was trying to convey to the audience. All of her emotions were pure and believable. GD's friend Soo Hyuk was perfect for his role. He was skinny and pale just like a vampire (that fits the theme, I might say) and not to mention a VERY HOT VAMPIRE. That part was my favorite. Dara showed a sequence of emotions upon seeing a vivid imagery of her past lover from the happiness and excitement of seeing him, the longing of being wrapped on his arms again—together with him again, and the pain, sadness and loneliness when she realized that it is merely a memory that will haunt her over and over again.

This is such a deep and painful song and MV and props to our girls who have delivered such perfect emotions of the song.


YG Entertainment to hold “2010 YG FAMILY CONCERT”

Oct 15, 2010

YG Entertainment has got some exciting news for ya’ll! The YG Family will be coming together to perform a special two-day concert at the end of their year for their devoted fans. An official statement from the crew reveals, ”We will be holding the ‘2010 YG FAMILY CONCERT‘ on December 4th and 5th at the Seoul Olympic athletic stadium.”

The YG Family has held their “ONE CONCERT” every year since 2003, however fans were left highly disappointed when the concert wasn’t held back in 2008 and in 2009. Being the first concert in three years, YGE will be bringing together their hottest stars - 2NE1, Gummy, Se7en, and Big Bang. PSY will also be joining them on stage as the newest family member.

2NE1 has consistently expressed their wish for a concert this year, and it seems as if it’s finally coming true. Big Bang also commented, “We’re extremely excited at the thought of being able to meet our fans after such a long absence.”

The two-day concert will seat a 36,000 member audience, and tickets start selling on October 21st at 8:00PM through Gmarket.

If you’re a YG fan and you’re in the area, be sure to grab your tickets. It’s definitely looking to be one of the most exciting concerts of the year!

THE BEST NEWS so far for this year. That I'd have to post it here. I would totally love to go there but I know it's close to impossible. Anyone who'd want to attend you better get yourself ready and not to mention purchase your ticket/s as soon as possible, cause boy you don't want to miss to be part of those 36, 000 lucky audience to watch the concert.

Source + Photo: Star News
Credit: Allkpop


{ROYALACES} 101003 2NE1 on KJE's Chocolate

Oct 8, 2010

{ROYALACES} 101003 2NE1 on KJE's Chocolate [1/2] [ENG]
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{ROYALACES} 101003 2NE1 on KJE's Chocolate [2/2] [ENG]
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Oct 2, 2010

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My To Anyone Album

Oct 1, 2010

Ei yo, finally! This is what I've been waiting for 3 weeks! I was worried that it wouldn't arrive since it took too long for me to be able to get it.

I'm happy to see that my poster wasn't folded—it was rolled. Up until now I still didn't unroll it. I don't know where to post it... Okay really, I can't since my mom would kill me. Hah! All I got to say is that I love the album. You guys should buy it too to support our girls (for those who hasn't bought yet). I've shared some photshoot of my album. Haha! Check it below. Have fun! :)


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