2NE1 - Love is so Difficult cover [Eng Subs]

Dec 30, 2009

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Just because I still can't get over how amazing they were here. I have fallen in love with our girls even more. CL and Bom were amazing as usual but really, Minji-baby and Dara stole my heart from here. Baby MJ's voice could give me goosebumps. She has always been my favorite voice and hearing her voice here gives me shivers.. I am utterly impressed and I'm in awe. Dara's voice was so soft and beautiful.. she deserves to have longer parts. Hopefully, they'll have a ballad song in their album that would showcase the girls' amazing voices.

2NE1 is one of the most versatile group out there.
I am a very proud Blackjack.
Cheers for the most talented girls; this was an amazing cover!


2NE1 & Lee Seung Chul at KBS Gayo DaeJeon [Dec 30, 2009]

2NE1 & Lee Seung Chul Meet

Watch the rest of the videos below..

091230 2NE1 - Love Is So Difficult

091230 2NE1 & Lee Seung Chul - I Don't Care (Reggae Mix)

2NE1 & Lee Seung Chul - Don't Say Goodbye

2NE1 - Fire

Amazing voices.. I'm utterly impressed. I really love Bom's voice but I can't ignore my Minji-baby. Her voice has always been my favorite. CL did great too but I was really surprised with Dara. She was awesome tonight. She did really great. Loved her voice there. Wished she had more parts though..

chriscorpius5 | secret2ne1 @ YouTube


2NE1 Me2day Dara - Please vote for 2NE1

"A group picture for the Black Jacks! The award show will start soon! We’ve been unable to sleep for a few days^^ Today is the last of the year!ㅠ Sad…Did you see all our stuff in 2009!? Fighting! Ah…ARS voter…it is!ㅋㅋ 2NE1 ~ Play!!!^.^"

Oh by the way, the girls are looking gorge as always!

Dara's Me2day + AA-Chan for the translation


Park Bom and Taeyang - You and I [FANCAM]

Dec 29, 2009

cr: dudqogyrhk

Just because I love this performance so much. This fan cam is better. The PDs were lame in capturing right scenes last night.

Bom and Taeyang are a bit awkward. And both of them are SO CLOSE. Literally close. I wish they should've kissed in the end. One more move and they'll touch each others' lips. LMAO! But still, they were awesome nonetheless. I've been wanting to see them perform together cause they both have beautiful voices. Now that they finally did, I'm not disappointed at all. Perfect harmony from the two. I love it. Have fun!


Watch SBS Gayo DaeJun on FULL EPISODES [Dec 29, 2009]

Watch the rest of the parts here:

2009 Music Festival #01 - 02 [4Minute]
2009 Music Festival #01 - 03 [T-ara]
2009 Music Festival #01 - 04 [f(x)]
2009 Music Festival #01 - 05 [MBLAQ VS BEAST]
2009 Music Festival #01 - 06 [BEAST]
2009 Music Festival #01 - 07 [MBLAQ]
2009 Music Festival #01 - 08 [Davichi & 2AM]
2009 Music Festival #01 - 09 [f(x) & KARA]
2009 Music Festival #01 - 10 [2NE1 CL]
2009 Music Festival #01 - 11 [SNSD & f(x)]
2009 Music Festival #01 - 12 [KARA, 4Minute & After School]
2009 Music Festival #01 - 13
2009 Music Festival #01 - 14 [2PM]
2009 Music Festival #01 - 15 [SHINee]
2009 Music Festival #01 - 16 [SHINee]
2009 Music Festival #01 - 17 [2NE1]
2009 Music Festival #01 - 18 [2NE1 Park Bom & BIGBANG Taeyang]
2009 Music Festival #01 - 19 [2NE1 CL & BIGBANG G-Dragon]
2009 Music Festival #01 - 20 [2NE1, G-Dragon & Taeyang]
2009 Music Festival #01 - 21 [2PM]
2009 Music Festival #01 - 22 [Lee SeungGi]
2009 Music Festival #01 - 23 [MBLAQ & BEAST]
2009 Music Festival #01 - 24 [Super Junior]
2009 Music Festival #01 - 25 [2PM, BEAST, MBLAQ, Super Junior]
2009 Music Festival #01 - 26 [2PM & SNSD]
2009 Music Festival #01 - 27 [Son DamBi]
2009 Music Festival #01 - 28 [After School]
2009 Music Festival #01 - 29 [K.Will]
2009 Music Festival #01 - 30 [SHINee JongHyun]
2009 Music Festival #01 - 31 [2PM Junsu]
2009 Music Festival #01 - 32 [g.o.d. Kim Tae Woo]
2009 Music Festival #01 - 33 [g.o.d. Kim Tae Woo, K.Will, SHINee JongHyun & 2PM Junsu]
2009 Music Festival #01 - 34 [Lee SeungGi, Park Shin Hye & BIZNIZ]
2009 Music Festival #01 - 35 [2PM, 2AM & BEAST]
2009 Music Festival #01 - 36 [Super Junior, SHINee & MBLAQ]
2009 Music Festival #01 - 37 [2PM & BEAST]
2009 Music Festival #01 - 38 [Super Junior & SHINee]
2009 Music Festival #01 - 39 [2PM]
2009 Music Festival #01 - 40 [Interview: SNSD & 2NE1]
2009 Music Festival #01 - 41 [KARA]
2009 Music Festival #01 - 42 [Brown Eyed Girls & 2AM]
2009 Music Festival #01 - 43 [2PM]
2009 Music Festival #01 - 44 [2PM]
2009 Music Festival #01 - 45 [2PM]
2009 Music Festival #01 - 46 [G-Dragon]
2009 Music Festival #01 - 47 [G-Dragon]
2009 Music Festival #01 - 48 [Taeyang]
2009 Music Festival #01 - 49 [Taeyang]
2009 Music Festival #01 - 50 [G-Dragon & Taeyang]
2009 Music Festival #01 - 51 [SNSD]
2009 Music Festival #01 - 52 [SNSD]
2009 Music Festival #01 - 53 [Super Junior]
2009 Music Festival #01 - 54 [Super Junior]
2009 Music Festival #01 - 55 [Super Junior & SNSD]
2009 Music Festival #01 - 56
2009 Music Festival #01 - 57
2009 Music Festival #01 - 58 [Final Part]

Enjoy! :)



YG FAMILY at SBS Gayo DaeJun

2NE1 - Music Drama + Fire

CL - Heartbreaker

Park Bom and Taeyang - You and I

CL and G-Dragon - The Leaders

2NE1, G-Dragon and Taeyang - Let's Go Party

CREDITS to AMFandre2


Aha! Who's excited for SBS Gayo Daejeon tomorrow?

Dec 28, 2009

Me me me! I am very excited, not to mention it's SBS! Don't forget, it'll start on 9:55 PM KST, alright? I'm still on semi-hiatus cause I'm still not feeling better. But I'll make sure that I'll be able to watch it tomorrow.. and next, next day too for KBS Gayo Daejeon.

Anticipating for YG FAMILY, baby!


091227 2NE1 - Sunday Night Danbi

Dec 27, 2009

sknsub @ YT | secret2ne1 @ YT | ygsecret21.com


Line up list for 2009 KBS Gayo DaeJeon

Dec 26, 2009

2009 KBS Gayo DaeJeon

▶ Air Date & Time: December 30th at 9:55PM KST (Part 1: 85mins / Part 2: 85mins - Live)
▶ MCs: Hwang Sookyung, Han Suk Joon, Kim Kyung Ran
▶ Performers: Super Junior, 2PM, SNSD, 2NE1, SHINee, Kara, Brown Eyed Girls, 4minute, Davichi, LeeSsang, Lee Seung Gi, MC Mong, Kim Tae Woo, K.Will, Lee Seung Chul, Shin Seung Hun, Kim Gun Mo, Park Jin Young, Son Dam Bi, Baek Ji Young
▶ Special appearances: 1 Night, 2 Days, Chang Kiha & The Faces, Park Yun Jung (DJ)

Shin Seung Hun, Kim Gun Mo, Lee Seung Chul and 2009's best of idols come together for a joint stage. Shin Seung Hun & 2PM!! Kim Gun Mo & SNSD!! Lee Seung Chul & 2NE1!! It will be a special show.

VCR clip containing practice clips of Legend & Idol will be shown on the 30th.

elavip @ Soompi + ygsecret21.com


2NE1 Me2day Dara - Ssantoki vs Bomtori vs Minji-baby

Dec 25, 2009

"We just finished work and came to have some food!^.^ Do you want to see the same features as we had during the ‘Fire’ performance earlier? Wait a sec.. This year has passed and I’m relieved, but I’m sorry too and have such big love..^^ Thank you! The award shows remained so stylish! Merry Christmas~!^.^♥"

Dara's Me2day + AA-Chan for the translation


2NE1 Me2day Dara - Ssantoki vs Bomtori

Dec 24, 2009

Ahh.. The Park sisters again! I love it. Dara said "Ssantoki vs Bomtori!! Santoki endures being picked by Bomtori. Help! Just Kidding! We're just playing! Now we have rehearsals to do! See ya!" Yes, we'll be seeing you girls later!

Dara's Me2day + Saeyun @ YGL for the translation


2NE1 Me2day Dara - Today is Christmas!

Dara finally reported today. I think they're preparing for their performance later on Music Bank. She's saying her hair is done. Ssanta Dara want to greet everyone "Now I'm at the salon right now to look pretty. Today is Christmas. Merry Christmas! Since I don't have a date I will spend it with blackjacks. Do watch Music Bank! Fighting!"

Dara's Me2day + Saeyun @ YGL for the translation


2NE1 Me2day Dara - Ssanta Dara reporting

Such a pretty Ssanta she is, no? Did they celebrate Christmas eve or were they busy working? I hope they did. Oh well, they're going to perform today in KBS Music Bank. Hope they'll have fun! Ssanta Dara reported "We finished working and were hungry, so we came to get something to eat~! We’ll be going out early tomorrow morning. It’s been a while since we went to Music Bankㅋ Tomorrow is Christmas Day and if you have no work, will you come and see us on Music Bank?! Even though there’s no work, I hope it goes well!!!^.^ See you~!"

Merry Christmas everyone! :)

Dara's Me2day + AA-Chan for the translation


2NE1「UFO Radio」Open Greetings!

cr: JAMJOOsubs

They recorded it during Melon Awards, eh? I miss them everyday! ττ ττ Oh and Dara's pink mic is back yo! I miss that~


2NE1 Me2day Dara - I'm back to driving!

Someone seems to be happy today. I think you get what I mean... Uh-huh! That's right, Dara is. She really wants to drive in Korea but unfortunately she doesn't have a license there? I think.. So I guess, if she's driving today then maybe she got a license already. kkk! Oh, and she's using the mysterious Blackberry 9000 phone to update her me2day again. ─ ─ "Tada!!! Dara is driving! Today is Christmas Eve! However, we have to work!^^ㅋ I’m happy! It’s free time~ The members are driving in the van! My driving ability has already been recognised! I can also park well!ㅋ I listened carefully and hold the steering wheel tightly~ I don’t fall~!ㅋ"

Dara's Me2day + AA-Chan for the translation


Kimi Ni Todoke Episode 12 - Romantic Feelings

Dec 23, 2009

cr: AnimeSeason | freemoneysubs

Yeah! It's finally out yo! And it's a great episode. I can't stop squealing while watching it.

「Spoiler Alert」

I really love Ayane-chan! She's my favorite next to Sawako-chan. She's very much aware of what's happening around and not to mention she's pretty clever herself as well. She protects Sawako, and I love the part where she was talking to Kurumi. I guess Kurumi wasn't expecting to get 'caught'.

I'm very much happy to know that Sawako finally understood how she truly felt for Kazehaya. We'd have to thank Ryu for that. I wasn't expecting for Ryu to tell Sawako how he really felt for Chizuru. I love Chizuru to death but I wish I could see her looking a bit more feminine. And hopefully see Ryu and Chizuru dating. Lol.

I really hate Kurumi but I should say, I kind of liked her too. Why? Cause even though her real motive is to take Kazehaya away from Sawako but then, she doesn't realize that she's helping Sawako to realize how she truly feels towards Kazehaya and thus, leading Kazehaya and Sawako together in the end. I love her role though.

I cannot wait for the next episode. One week seems so long for me already and they'd be airing the next episode next year on January 5th due to holidays. ττ ττ It sucks but I'll be patient for that! Anyway, I'm spazzing like crazy here, and I was too noisy squealing while watching it. My siblings would throw things at me to shut up. ─ε─ Oh well, seems like Kurumi's supposed-to-be-result didn't happen. And OMG!!! Even I myself thought Kazehaya would turn around and leave disappointed and heartbroken but NO!!! He ran towards Sawako, grabbed her hand and took her away from Ryu!! OMFG!! *dies*

Oookaaaaaaaaaaaaaay. Imma stop spazzing now.
'Til next time!
Ja ne~


2NE1 reveals their ideal type of guy!

During their recent interview with StarNews, group 2NE1 reveals something which many fans have been curious about – their ideal type of guy!

Go under the cut to find out the girls’ ideal type of guy and also their future plans and goals for next year!

[An abstract from the interview]
Q: Currently 2NE1 members have no boyfriends, there are many fans who are curious about your ideal type of guys.
  • Park Bom: I’d like someone who can only loves me. I don’t really look at the looks.
  • CL: Teddy oppa’s style, who is like my real oppa, is my ideal type. I like someone who is caring, works hard at what he is doing and is a good listener.
  • Sandara Park: The style I like are like celebrities WonBin and Kang DongWon. The toughness within the soft image.
  • Gong MinJi: I like someone who has a pretty smile, is caring and sincere.
Q: Further plans and next year’s aim:
  • Park Bom: Even though this will be discussed in more details with the company, but by looking at it now, looks like 2NE1’s 1st full length album will come out early next year. And I want to do our own concert after the album release.
  • CL: We are currently preparing for our full length album and we will appear in front of everyone with a new image. Because it has been long and we want to present our best, we will work hard for this 1st full length album. Oh and, personally I found that we have musical charms through our performance during 2009 MAMA. If there is any opportunities, I want to take up a challenge in this area.
  • Sandara Park: I’ve seen how many people would follow our clothes and songs when I return to the Philippines after debuting as 2NE1. And there are many people who asked me why 2NE1 did not come along. Even though there are no plans about this yet, if there is a chance, I want to go to the Philippines with 2NE1. Oh and, I have interests in acting too. I want to try out roles similar to that played by seonbae Han YeSeul in drama ‘Fantasy Couple’. But of course, currently 2NE1’s promotion is the top priority.
  • Gong MinJi: Even though there are no solid plans yet, we will work hard to show more improved features next year as compared to this year.

Source: StarNews


2NE1 Park Bom - You & I 「Instrumental and Acapella」

I really love this song. Probably my most favorite from their singles. I love it even more after hearing her acapella version. She has such beautiful voice. Only if she has more confidence in herself, she'll be able to showcase it more perfectly. But most of all, I love Papa Teddy for producing such amazing songs! Oh, and here's an instrumental version of this song too. Now I can sing it on my own until my friends' ears bleed to death. Haha!

AsianReloaded | thinhe1 @ YT | letsplay2ne1
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2NE1 Dara - Kiss ft. CL 「Instrumental and Acapella」

Lovin' the acapella version. I hope to hear her sing fast songs like this though, I'm actually impressed with this the first time I heard it. I didn't know it would be possible for Dara to sing songs like this. Well, like what YG said; she makes the impossible possible. Who wants to sing it by your own? Here's an instrumental version too.

AsianReloaded | thinhe1 @ YT | letsplay2ne1
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More 2NE1 fan pics from SBS Gayo Daejeon

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091129 SBS Inkigayo Backstage - PDG Babies CL & Minji

The baddest maknaes in Seoul City ─ 2NE1's CL & Minji! Here are some backstage photos from our Please don't go babies and the unnies Dara and Bom. The unnies are as sweet as ever for always being very supportive of their maknaes. More photos below...

SBS + ceruleanblue @ Soompi for sharing


2NE1 Me2day Dara - Dara and her brother Thunder

Dec 22, 2009

Yes! More Park siblings please! I wonder who's that person at their back? Anyway, it's nice to see Dara and her brother Thunder (the Park siblings) again. Dara reported "The maknae team changed to go and perform at Inkigayo and accidentally ran into Thunder… We requested to take a super cool photo! However! He has a really small face and he was a little embarrassed..he came outㅠㅠ Like the photograph that he won’t take! Hong! My face is small too!!!ㅠㅠㅋ" Ahh... cute! The Park siblings have small faces. That was sweet of them to take a photo together when they accidentally saw each other.

Dara's Me2day + AA-Chan for the translation


2NE1 Me2day Dara - Merry Christmas!

Christmas is approaching very soon; that'll be two more days to be exact and Dara is here to greet us "Merry Christmas! kekeke Who are the owners of these two back-heads~?! [there are] Christmas trees and lights here and there... What are you doing during Christmas?? How about you spend it with us?! Promise! ^.^ Come on~!" Have you guessed who? It's easy, right? No other thanMinji-baby and Bom/Dara(?) Are they all going to celebrate Christmas together? Or will they be celebrating it with their respective families? Either way, I hope they'll be having a great time spending their Christmas with everyone.

Dara's Me2day + lovesong @ ygsecret21.com for the translation


2NE1 and BIGBANG for Fila Mnet Wide News

YouTube: elavip4 | taijizero2


2NE1 Me2day Dara - I made a photo album!

Dec 21, 2009

Dara really loves collecting pictures, doesn't she? And because she loves her fellow 2NE1 members too, she just can't help herself to express it everyday to us. She's the sweetest, I must say. Who do you think made that photo album? "This is the photo album I’ve made!!!ㅋㅋㅋ Expect me to fill this whole board!! I wonder when it’ll be finished…? ^.^" Well, no other than our goddess Dara. What I would expect is, she'll be able to fill that photo album in no time.

Dara's Me2day + AA-Chan for the translation


2NE1 Me2day Dara - Who's sleeping on the train?

Dec 20, 2009

"Welcome to the train.. Some short rest time.. Last night on our way to Busan, Minji was tired and fell asleep.. Bom fell into a deep sleep and left only CL and I chattering away and looking at the sights as they passed.. However! I went to the bathroom for a short time between CL who was listening!ㅠㅋ Ack! CL! Shockedㅋㅋ I couldn't stay awake…" Who are sleeping on the train, actually. Seems like Dara's the only one up, eh? Why couldn't you sleep Dara-ya? Hope you girls will enjoy your short break!

Dara's Me2day + AA-Chan for the translation


2NE1 Me2day Dara - Maknae Team stay by Dara's side

We can't deny how supportive Dara really is especially to her Please don't go babies. Updating us again showing her love for her children. The maknaes look so cute, no? I love how CL-roo is wearing Dara's tee too. "Jakjakjak!^.^ The young team worked hard! Do you think the maknaes did well today?? Not only today, but today was special and they were more glad and had a lot of fun. Cuteㅋㅋㅋ 2009 finished well and we’re going to start new things in the new year! Everybody sing! Maknae team~ Stay by my side~~~!"

Dara's Me2day + AA-Chan for the translation


Line up list for the SBS Gayo Daejun

It has been confirmed! This is the final list!

2009 SBS 가요대전 큐시트

남 그룹
# 샤이니 - AMIGO & Ring ding dong & JoJo (Remix) + 퍼포먼스

# 2PM - 니가밉다 & again & again + Heartbeat (Remix) + 아크로바틱 퍼포먼스

# 슈퍼주니어 - Sorry Sorry & 너라고 (Remix) + 퍼포먼스

# Beast - Bad girl & 미스테리 (Remix) + 퍼포먼스

# MBLAQ - Oh yeah & G.O.O.D Luv (Remix) + 퍼포먼스

# 2AM - 이 노래 & 친구의 고백 (Remix)

솔 로
# 손담비 - 미쳤어 & 토요일밤에 (Remix) + 애프터스쿨 합동 퍼포먼스

# 이승기 - 결혼해줄래 + 우리 헤어지자

# 박진영 - Honey + 그녀는 예뻤다 + No love No more + 퍼포먼스

# 윤하 - 1,2,3 + 비밀번호 486

# 김태우 - 사랑눈 (feat. 슬라임)

# G.dragon - Heartbreaker + Korean Dream (feat. 태양) + Hello (feat. 다라)

# 태양 - 웨딩드레스 & Where u at (Remix) + 퍼포먼스

# 백지영 - 총맞은것처럼 (dance ver.) + 내귀에 캔디 (feat. 택연) (Remix)

여 그룹
# 티아라 - 거짓말 & Bo Peep Bo Peep

# 애프터스쿨 - Diva (Remix) + 너 때문에

# 카라 - Honey + Wanna + Mr. (Remix) + 퍼포먼스

# 소녀시대 - Gee + 소원을 말해봐 (Remix) + 퍼포먼스

# 2NE1 - Fire + I don`t care (Remix) + Let`s go party

# 브라운아이드걸스 - abraxadabra + Sign (Remix) + 퍼포먼스

# 다비치 - 8282 + 사고쳤어요

# 4MINUTE - Hot issue + Muzik (Remix) + 퍼포먼스

# f(x) - La cha Ta + Chu~♡

# 쥬얼리 - 버라이어티 + Love story

스 페셜 무대
# 이문세 무대 (with 샤이니 종현, 슈퍼주니어 규현, 김태우, 백지영)

# 이승철 무대 (with 소녀시대, 다비치, 서인영)

# 장윤정 & 박현빈 & 송대관 트로트 합동무대

# 브라운아이드걸스 & 카라 & 포미닛 & 소녀시대 스페셜 체인지 무대

# 하주연 & 니콜 & 현아 & 효연 & 가희 & 공민지 댄스 무대

# 슈퍼주니어 & 2PM & 소녀시대 & 2NE1 & 티아라 8090 레전드 가수 무대

# 원더걸스 해외연결 즉석인사 영상

# 백지영 & 손담비 & 이승기 & 김태우 합동무대

G-Dragon will be performing Heartbreaker, Korean Dream (ft. Taeyang) and Hello (ft. Dara)
2NE1 will be performing Fire, I Don't Care (Remix) and Let's go party
Minji-baby will be on a Dance Battle again too!

CREDIT: 달덕(◕_◕) @ DC2NE1


Show: SBS Gayo DaeJun
  • Date: 29th December 2009
  • Time: 9:55 PM KST
  • Official site: http://tv.sbs.co.kr/2009gayo/
Male Group:
  • SHINee - ‘AMIGO’, ‘Ring Ding Dong’ & ‘JoJo’ (Remix) + performance
  • 2PM - ‘I Hate You’ & ‘Again & Again’ + ‘Heartbeat’ (Remix) + Acrobatic Performance
  • Super Junior - ‘Sorry Sorry’ & ‘It’s You’ (Remix) + performance
  • Beast - ‘Bad Girl’ & ‘Mystery’ (Remix) + performance
  • MBLAQ - ‘Oh Yeah’ & ‘G.O.O.D Luv’ (Remix) + performance
  • 2AM - ‘This Song’ & ‘Friend’s Confession’ (Remix)
  • Son Dambi - ‘Crazy’ & ‘Saturday Night’ (Remix) + After School Joint Performance
  • Lee Seung Gi – ‘Will You Marry Me’ + ‘Let’s Break Up’
  • JYP- ‘Honey’ + ‘She is Pretty’ +’ No love No more’ + performance
  • Younha - ‘Password 486′ + ‘1,2,3′
  • Kim Tae Woo – ‘Love Snow’ (feat. slime)
  • GDragon - ‘Heartbreaker’ + ‘Korean Dream’ (ft. Taeyang) + ‘Hello’ (ft. Sandara Park)
  • Taeyang - ‘Wedding dress’ & ‘Where u at’ (Remix) + performance
  • Baek Ji Young – ‘Like Being Hit’ (dance ver.) + ‘My ear’s candy (ft. 2PM’s Taecyeon) (Remix)
Female Group:
  • T-ara – ‘Lies’ & ‘Bo Peep Bo Peep’
  • After School - ‘Diva’ (Remix) + ‘Because of You’
  • KARA- ‘Honey’ + ‘Wanna’ + ‘Mister’ (Remix) + performance
  • SNSD – ‘Gee’ + ‘Tell Me Your Wish’ (Remix) + performance
  • 2NE1 - ‘Fire’ + ‘I Don’t Care’ (Remix) + ‘Let’s go party’
  • Brown Eyed Girls - ‘Abracadabra’ + ‘Sign’ (Remix) + performance
  • Davichi - ‘8282′ + ‘I made an accident’
  • 4Minute - ‘Hot issue’ + ‘Muzik ‘(Remix) + performance
  • F(x) – ‘LA chA tA’ + ‘Chu ~ ♡’
  • Jewelry - ‘Variety’ + ‘Love story’
Special Stage:
  • Lee MoonSae Stage - SHINee JongHyun , Super Junior Kyuhyun , Kim Tae Woo, Baek Ji Young
  • Lee Seung Chul Stage – SNSD, Davichi, Seo In Young
  • Trot joint stage – Park Hyun Bin, Jang Yoon-jeong & Song DaeKwan
  • Special Change Stage – Brown Eyed Girls, KARA, 4Minute & SNSD
  • Dance Stage – KARA Nicole, 4Minute HyunAh, SNSD Hyoyeon, After School GaHee, Jewelry Ha JooYeon & 2NE1 Gong Minji
  • 8090 Legend Stage – Super Junior, 2PM, SNSD, 2NE1 & T-ara
  • Wonder Girls overseas instant call video message
  • Baek Ji Young & Lee Seung Gi & Kim Tae Woo & Son Dam Bi joint stage
Thanks to Sookyeong @ KBites


2NE1 Me2day Dara - Supporting PDG Babies again!

Dec 19, 2009

But of course, Dara wouldn't miss supporting her "Please Don't Go" babies every performances they'll have. Showing herself fangirling with her babies, isn't she just adorable? Well I hope CL and Minji would have fun later on! "Tada~!!! I’m in front of the Inkigayo waiting room right now! The children are going out today!!! Surprise~!^.^ It decreasedㅋ I can hear Minji and CL from inside the waiting room!…Dundundundun… If it’s pitch black in there, could I open the door and go in???^_^ Kkyak!"

Dara's Me2day + AA-Chan for the translation


2NE1 Recording for SBS Gayo Daejeon [FANCAM]

cr: as tagged | dara.ivyro.net | DC2NE1 | pinkpurple2ne1 @ YT

Here's a Dara-biased fan cam from the SBS Gayo Daejeon recording. I wish Dara looked at the mirror even just for once. Haha! She's so cute, really!


5 days to go before Christmas!

That's right! 5 more days and we'll be celebrating Christmas again! And I just want to share this artwork drawn by noeunjung93 from naverblog and I decided to color my two favorite members from each group ─ 2NE1's Dara and BIGBANG's G-Dragon. I've showed to you the original artwork of this, right? I'm not really good at coloring yet, I hope you guys would appreciate my hard work. I'm not a pro though so please don't expect an amazing coloring.

Since Christmas is coming very soon, have you been preparing your gifts to give to your friends and family? Or you're still trying to fill up your wish list instead? Well, I haven't done both cause a destitute like me doesn't have any 'gifts' to give nor 'gifts' to receive. Lol. Anyway, I hope you guys would enjoy holidays! Have a great day ahead!

Allow me to greet my older brother Kevin a Happy, happy birthday!

Tools I used: Photoshop CS 3 and my most reliable mouse. Lol


SBS Gayo Daejeon: 2NE1 wearing School Uniforms?! [FANPICS]

Here are some fan pics of 2NE1 from the taping of SBS Gayo Daejeon. The girls looked so cute but they still have that fierceness in them. Don't you just love it when they'll always surprise you on how they look in every performance? I've actually wanted to see them wear a uniform and "Ta-da!" there it is! I can't wait til I see the actual show. I'm sure it'll be fun to watch. Oh, and the unnies are rocking those uniforms! Who would've believe they're already 25 years old? (26 in Korean age) They look so young and I bet they looked younger than other students there. There are more fan pics here...

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2NE1 Me2day Dara - I'm too sexy for you

This girl is worrrkin' it! She sure knows how to pose and give a good expression on her face, no? No wonder she really likes Uhm Jung Hwa; both of them can pull of any style. And as usual, our Dara reporter doesn't talk about her photo again but instead she reported that "Today when our Maknaes were doing Please Don't Go, Bom and I did it together ke We didn't even practice it and just did it on a whim!!! Actually... I've been practicing while I watched their stage performance all this time... It was self-taught ke When I was doing it at home by myself it seemed okay, but when I was actually performing it, I realized I was doing it wrong the whole time keke Oh my~ ke If Chae Rin and MingKki finds out, I'll be so embarrassed!!!....."

Dara's Me2day + orangie @ ygsecret21.com for the translation


2NE1 at Lotte Card Free Christmas Festival [FANCAMS]

Watch more fan cams...

Amazing fan cams I tell ya. And by watching these, I am girl crushing Minji again. ─ε─ Oh and CL-roo was so sweet calling the unnies to join the stage at the last part when the babies were performing their song "Please Don't Go". Family LOVE!

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FANCAM by: onceagaingd.com
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2NE1 Me2day Dara - CL-roo and her big head

Literally, a big head. Dara have some reports for us Blackjacks while showing her love for their leader CL-roo as a background of a particular desktop/laptop she reported "Wassup’, Black Jacks?! Did you get home safely? ^^ Are you really cold? Awwㅠ How can it be.. We were on stage being photographed and although we wanted to play longer, we couldn’t. We did manage to get some pictures though! Yea, it was so fun!^.^ This was our first chance and it was so good! It was only our space! Kkyak!!!" Were they able to bond along with their fellow fans? I'll be so jealous if they were. ─ ε ─

Another cute pic of our dearest CL-roo having a huge head. I wonder whose PC that is? Teddy-oppa perhaps? I see their folders which I remember from 2NE1 TV before where Teddy-oppa were showing some "x-files". Well, it could be from someone else too.

Dara's Me2day + AA-Chan for the translation


Sandara Park and G-Dragon - Beautiful Soul [FANVID]

Dec 18, 2009

cr: ryelsi7 aka buffy07

Another great fan vid from our dearest video slayer ─ Buffy. Isn't she just talented? Not to mention she picks up great songs for her videos too. Beautiful Soul by Jesse McCartney used to be my most favorite song way back until my ex-boyfriend sang this to his long time crush I didn't want to hear it anymore. He was still my boyfriend at that time when he did that, so it really broke my heart. It's been so long that I haven't heard this song, and wouldn't even want to hear it again but oh well, since I can't resist buffy's music videos of Dara and GD; that leaves me no other choice but to watch it. The best thing is, I never regretted it cause it is such a wonderful video I must say. Just enjoy watching!


2NE1 Me2day Dara - I'm eating an orange

Don't you just love how clear, smooth and white Dara's skin is? I'm very much envious with her skin. Despite the fact that she's older than me, she still managed to maintain her baby face ever since. I don't even want to stare at her pics for so long cause I know for sure, I can't face the mirror anymore. Haha! Jealous much? Well aside from the clear skin of Dara, she's enjoying the taste of the orange fruit. She reported "Good morning!^.^ The morning is here! Dara is eating an orangeㅋㅋㅋ Today we’re off to Mokdong~ Are we coming??? I want to come and play, but it’s so cold…when we come, we have to wrap up warm or we’ll be frozen stiff! Definitely! Today, our CL’s clothing is going to be coldㅠ We’re going to school anyway…크크크 See you a little later!^.^". Seems like another performance today, eh? Well I hope they'll have fun!

Dara's Me2day + AA-Chan for the translation


2NE1 at Lotte Card Free Christmas Festival [Dec 18, 2009]

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