2NE1 Me2day Dara - I'm eating an orange

Dec 18, 2009

Don't you just love how clear, smooth and white Dara's skin is? I'm very much envious with her skin. Despite the fact that she's older than me, she still managed to maintain her baby face ever since. I don't even want to stare at her pics for so long cause I know for sure, I can't face the mirror anymore. Haha! Jealous much? Well aside from the clear skin of Dara, she's enjoying the taste of the orange fruit. She reported "Good morning!^.^ The morning is here! Dara is eating an orangeㅋㅋㅋ Today we’re off to Mokdong~ Are we coming??? I want to come and play, but it’s so cold…when we come, we have to wrap up warm or we’ll be frozen stiff! Definitely! Today, our CL’s clothing is going to be coldㅠ We’re going to school anyway…크크크 See you a little later!^.^". Seems like another performance today, eh? Well I hope they'll have fun!

Dara's Me2day + AA-Chan for the translation

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