2NE1 made TRIPLE CROWN at Music Bank

Jul 31, 2009

Today's performance. July 31, 2009 at Music Bank is a battle of female group consisting of 6 female groups. 2NE1 won their 3rd award today leaving them bagging the award for three consecutive performances. But right this moment, the battle of the female group has just begun and it is for us to witness who shall reign as the strongest group in the year.

2NE1 - I Don't Care (Winning and Encore)

Today's score was amusing, leading 2NE1's score 3819 points ahead.
2NE1's total score: 13,499 vs SNSD's total score: 9,680

It was a surprise to see such gap between the two groups since the last two competitions was a very tight match. Anyhow, the two groups performed well and congratulations to both of the groups as well as the other groups who performed.

Congratulations 2NE1!

Personal Note: I love Dara's shocked expression. She seems to be the happiest among them basing from her reaction. I adore their casual outfits today, it's simple yet colorful and I especially love Dara's top. Also with CL and Minji's top were so sexy as well esp. CL's. Bom is sexy as always, and her shoes matched her dress now, eh? I love their new choreography especially in CL's part, the "5:00 AM" line, it was too smexy and Dara's part around 2:21, she's such a dork! But I have to say, I am quite disappointed with the fan chants because I could barely hear them compared to their previous performances. I find it very weak but it's okay, at least there were fans who supported them there. Anyway, next week's performances will be a very challenging and tough battle between the performers not to mention the girl group wars. I am very much anticipating with this battle. GIRL POWER!

Credits to CodeMonmonSeason2 @ YouTube


Talking about YG Love: Daragon's Shirt

Jul 30, 2009

Dara's shirt that she wore during Bang's event originated from GD. It is really sweet that GD share's his stuffs/fashion to our girls. YG love indeed is priceless. The thought of him sharing his accessory to Dara was already sweet, now his sharing his clothes as well. YG family is really a lovable family indeed. I hope to be a trainee in YG soon. LOL.

Credits to FraLippoLippi @ soompi


T-Ara feat. Yoo Seung Ho - Lies MV

I have heard this song like weeks ago, and the first time I heard it, I actually liked it but then after I listened to it, I forgot about it. Just this day, I saw their MV on YT. Since the one I have heard was the ballad version (which I prefer better), the original version was quite familiar. Their choreography somewhat reminded me of Wonder Girls' "Tell Me" also some of the beat or should I say sounds/instrumental also sounded like it but not the entire beat at all. Anyway, I liked the song and I especially found a new crush; Yoo Seung Ho. Too bad this guy is still young though, I couldn't believe he's still 15 and he's already looking so hot.

I don't really understand the lyrics but basing from the MV itself, it's about "playboys" or boyfriends who are cheating. Basically it's a brokenhearted song. I honestly don't know their names except Boram. I personally like her the first time I took a glimpse of them from a radio show. The only name I remembered was Boram's. She's the shortest yet the oldest from the group, I just heard it somewhere on the forums. Plus, she's also the shyest member from the group. She may not be the prettiest among them, but there's something about her charm that I was attracted to. I really find her cute.

Okay, I'm being so random so just enjoy the MV.

Credits to jaeuraznmv1 @ YouTube


TOP and G-Dragon imitating Dara's crab dance

Jul 29, 2009

This got to be the cutest part in YG Live TV which was exposing more of the Big Bang's side. They let TOP wear a crab headgear and TOP was being asked to do Sandara's crab dance. This is TOP's soy sauce crab dance attempt.

YG and Jinu told him to also do what Dara said while she was imitating a crab in a soy sauce but TOP doesn't want to do it. G-Dragon came in and let him wear the crab headgear too. He also did Sandara's crab dance and still, both of their imitation was a failure. But it was all cute too. This is GD's soy sauce crab dance attempt.

Credits to shimille0612 @ YouTube


G-Dragon's BGM changed into Dara Park's IN or OUT

Jul 28, 2009

I got really excited when someone posted from soompi a message saying that GD is teasing Dara again by using Sandara Park's IN or OUT song as his BGM (Background Music) in his cyworld home page. I would like to thank ncly for sharing GD's cyworld hp and also with the news about it. It just made my day, and I'm gonna have a really good night sleep as well. It seems like these two dorks are quite close to each other. I'm loving it though. ;)


Dara and GD: DaraGon: My Photo Manipulations

Jul 27, 2009

I suddenly got bored today and made some of my photo manipulations of GD and Dara which is popularly known as Daragon pair. I made these using my favorite Adobe Photoshop CS 3. Anyone could request some favorite pictures of GD and Dara to be manipulated together, just comment me here. So I hope you guys liked it.


2NE1's Winning SPREE in a week

Jul 26, 2009

2NE1 have been receiving awards from various shows from this week. Last July 23, 2009, 2NE1 topped first place (#1) on M!Countdown It was a surprise for the girls since they wasn't there to perform along with SNSD. It was a close match. On July 24, 2009, 2NE1 won again from their performance at Music Bank against SNSD's "Genie" with only 7 points ahead. It was undeniably a very tight match. And today's performance (July 26, 2009) at SBS Inkigayo's Take 7, they have won again. These female group has been dominating in various charts now. They have once again owned the #1 spot at the Mobile Ranking the second time around.

Congratulations 2NE1!


2NE1 WON @ SBS Inkigayo "I Don't Care"

2NE1's I Don't Care Performance

2NE1's Winning and Encore

2NE1 finally won at Inkigayo this time. It's their 3rd performance from Inki and they finally won.
Congratulations girls!

Credits to CodeMonmonSeason3 @ YouTube


2NE1 won its 2nd Award @ Music Bank

Jul 24, 2009

2NE1's "I Don't Care" won over SNSD's "Genie" for the second time around. They also got the #1 spot for the mobile ranking. This is the best quality I have seen so far.

2NE1 - I Don't Care (Winning & Encore)

Today's score:

Digital Music Index: 7631
Viewer's Preference Index: 767
Album Sales Index: 3535
Broadcast/Airplay Index: 645
Total: 12578

2NE1 won 1st place (#1) on M!Countdown yesterday (July 23, 2009)
It was a close match. 2NE1's score was 977.0 and SNSD's score was 953.9.

Congrats to the girls. 2NE1 hwaiting ~!

Credits to CodeMonmonSeason2 @ YouTube


MNET 2NE1 TV Episode 4 w/ Eng Sub & screen caps!

Jul 22, 2009

I love this episode! So much funny scenes and more DaRin/ChaeRa (Dara + CL) moments too. I squeal most of the time too. LOL. Anyway, the subbed version is out. heck out the channel of YGS21RoyalAceSubs on YouTube to watch it.

Dara's "don't touch my mask." and CL bumping her head on the ceiling.

Morning Girls (CL, Bom, Dara, Minji) ~*

Dara and her black hat. She loves collecting hats btw.
The pic with exclamation mark is when they were walking outside
someone shouted "SSandara Park." She was shocked. LOL

Bommie-umma (mom) and baby CL on shopping spree ~ LOL

The "maknaes" Minji and Dara. I was thinking,
was there something wrong with the two? I mean,
Dara looks so tired and then there was this scene
MJ was talking about Dara on the cam. Then Bom picked
up Dara sitting on a bench and held her hand while they walk.
Dara was mentioning Gong Minji while they talked.
At their apartment, when Dara was talking at the camera
in their room alone, she was talking about Minji baby again.
I can't wait for the subs, I was wondering what happened
between them. XD tsk tsk..

They have their own camera. It's so cool. LOL! Darn, I forgot
to include Bommie's own cam.

I think Dara was talking about her drawings of CL to Goo Hye Sun
then she was shaking Dara at the back. It's so adorable.
Bom also shared that YG planned Bom to debut with
Sandara Park and
Goo Hye Sun around 2005.
Goo Hye Sun was shocked about it for not knowing it before,
she also added that it was a good thing it didn't happen
since she's not a good singer at all. XD

Dara and her Tami (?) moments. I'm not sure with her
bunny's name though. Also, I think she's saying that
Tami's (?) mom is CL. LOL XD really need subs ASAP!

Park Sisters moments!! They were singing and dancing Seungri's
"So sexy" when they saw CL wearing her smexy PJs. XD

Bom invading CL's teritory. LOL! XD

DaRin/ChaeRa (Dara + CL ) MOMENTS! ♥
They are sooo adorkable! Poor Minji,
Dara doesn't want her to appear on her camera.
She went to CL-roo instead and treated her
like a baby.. it's soo cute but poor Minji though.
Come here MJ baby, Kawen-unnie will
make you her baby.. Kyah~! XD
BTW, that hand patting on CL's head belongs to Dara.

This is my favorite ChaeRa/DaRin moments. ~^^~
CL hugging Dara!! Sooo sweet ~!

If you'll use my screen shots please do credit me or please do not hot link. :)


Dara and GD: DaraGon icons

Jul 21, 2009

I'd like to share some of fan icons I made a while ago. Since I'm in love with the Dara + GD (DaraGon) dorky pairing, I was too inspired to make some fan art icons of them. Plus, seeing a lot of adorkable photos of the two, I'm having fun making it. Here's what I've got. Please enjoy.

If you want to use them please do credit me.
Kawen-chan @ WhimsicalBeing


2NE1 @ Hyun Young's Music Party Radio 07/21/09

The show started around 12PM (Korea time) and unfortunately, I was able to watch the part where they sang "Pretty Boy" in which it was their last performance and I didn't even get the chance to listen to fully since they already cut it and stopped at Dara's part. I was upset that I wasn't able to watch it live. I even waited for it then suddenly someone called on the phone, then my internet got connected. It took me about 45 minutes get back online and only to catch up the last few minutes of the show. Anyway, someone already uploaded the video on YouTube so thanks for doing so. I watched it there, uploaded by ItsSunnyBaby01.

The girls first performed their "I Don't Care" and they did great, except for Bom who forgot some of her lines though but it's okay, it's not like she messed up the whole song. Second was "In the club" and still, their voices sounded exactly from their album. Bom forgot some of her lines again though.. but still, she pulled it off after using her powerful vocals. Last song was "Pretty Boy", which the only part was able to watch. It was cool and got really excited and yet they cut it off. So sad, I wasn't able to watch the show completely then they wont let me listen to the song in full version. I had fun watching the video on YT and I hope someone will sub it soon because I'm interested with what they were talking about. Also, while watching the video, I was getting hungry because I just can't take my eyes off from a delicious looking cake included at the video. My stomach starts grumbling every time it shows. Please, tell them not to do that. They're making me suffer. LOL


Yoon Eun Hye is a fan of 2NE1

Jul 20, 2009

Yoon Eun Hye, previously from Baby VOX, said in a interview, “I worked as a singer when I was a kid but I regret not showing much of my charms in front of the camera. But these days the singers are so good! I am huge fan of 2NE1. 2NE1 have charisma, and they are both cute and pretty. They possess the talents and skills of those in the 10's and 20's all combined. I hope I can have meals with them.”

Meanwhile, she is currently actively filming the drama “Take Care of the Lady” with

Yoon Sang Hyun, Jung Il Woo, and Speedy Scandal gorgeous little boy Wang Suk Hyun.

I love YEH too and I was really happy to know about this interview of her saying she's a fan of 2NE1 too. I can see a lot of celebrities are looking forward to 2NE1's success and giving them more love and support.

Credits to kimchilicious
also to 윤은혜 @ soompi


2NE1 - Me2day PHOTO updates! 09/07/20

Jul 19, 2009

Dara's me2day UPDATE

LOL at Dara's shirt with lipstick on, trying to
like Bom's outfit too, eh?

Dara really loves updating her me2day. XD She's drinking her coffee having a pose like that. She loves taking pictures of herself so much. I think Minji's the one who took the pic.

CL's me2day UPDATE

Google translated her caption as "Take me as I am"
We love you the way you are CL =)

They're just so cute and yet another shot of
our dorky Dara besides CL! I just love
CL x Dara coupling. LOL! XD

Minji's me2day UPDATE

Minji's like talking about Dara at the back. LOL.
I could only spot Dara's name from the translation.

Oh yeah! The provocative maknae Minji ~ ♫

Finally! Bom UPDATED her me2day! I'm so happy!

I think she's saying they'll be having an interview. =)
PARK sisters are so pretty ♥^^♥

Credits to 2NE1's me2day


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