2NE1 @ Hyun Young's Music Party Radio 07/21/09

Jul 21, 2009

The show started around 12PM (Korea time) and unfortunately, I was able to watch the part where they sang "Pretty Boy" in which it was their last performance and I didn't even get the chance to listen to fully since they already cut it and stopped at Dara's part. I was upset that I wasn't able to watch it live. I even waited for it then suddenly someone called on the phone, then my internet got connected. It took me about 45 minutes get back online and only to catch up the last few minutes of the show. Anyway, someone already uploaded the video on YouTube so thanks for doing so. I watched it there, uploaded by ItsSunnyBaby01.

The girls first performed their "I Don't Care" and they did great, except for Bom who forgot some of her lines though but it's okay, it's not like she messed up the whole song. Second was "In the club" and still, their voices sounded exactly from their album. Bom forgot some of her lines again though.. but still, she pulled it off after using her powerful vocals. Last song was "Pretty Boy", which the only part was able to watch. It was cool and got really excited and yet they cut it off. So sad, I wasn't able to watch the show completely then they wont let me listen to the song in full version. I had fun watching the video on YT and I hope someone will sub it soon because I'm interested with what they were talking about. Also, while watching the video, I was getting hungry because I just can't take my eyes off from a delicious looking cake included at the video. My stomach starts grumbling every time it shows. Please, tell them not to do that. They're making me suffer. LOL

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