2NE1 - Me2day PHOTO updates! 09/07/20

Jul 19, 2009

Dara's me2day UPDATE

LOL at Dara's shirt with lipstick on, trying to
like Bom's outfit too, eh?

Dara really loves updating her me2day. XD She's drinking her coffee having a pose like that. She loves taking pictures of herself so much. I think Minji's the one who took the pic.

CL's me2day UPDATE

Google translated her caption as "Take me as I am"
We love you the way you are CL =)

They're just so cute and yet another shot of
our dorky Dara besides CL! I just love
CL x Dara coupling. LOL! XD

Minji's me2day UPDATE

Minji's like talking about Dara at the back. LOL.
I could only spot Dara's name from the translation.

Oh yeah! The provocative maknae Minji ~ ♫

Finally! Bom UPDATED her me2day! I'm so happy!

I think she's saying they'll be having an interview. =)
PARK sisters are so pretty ♥^^♥

Credits to 2NE1's me2day

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