2NE1 made TRIPLE CROWN at Music Bank

Jul 31, 2009

Today's performance. July 31, 2009 at Music Bank is a battle of female group consisting of 6 female groups. 2NE1 won their 3rd award today leaving them bagging the award for three consecutive performances. But right this moment, the battle of the female group has just begun and it is for us to witness who shall reign as the strongest group in the year.

2NE1 - I Don't Care (Winning and Encore)

Today's score was amusing, leading 2NE1's score 3819 points ahead.
2NE1's total score: 13,499 vs SNSD's total score: 9,680

It was a surprise to see such gap between the two groups since the last two competitions was a very tight match. Anyhow, the two groups performed well and congratulations to both of the groups as well as the other groups who performed.

Congratulations 2NE1!

Personal Note: I love Dara's shocked expression. She seems to be the happiest among them basing from her reaction. I adore their casual outfits today, it's simple yet colorful and I especially love Dara's top. Also with CL and Minji's top were so sexy as well esp. CL's. Bom is sexy as always, and her shoes matched her dress now, eh? I love their new choreography especially in CL's part, the "5:00 AM" line, it was too smexy and Dara's part around 2:21, she's such a dork! But I have to say, I am quite disappointed with the fan chants because I could barely hear them compared to their previous performances. I find it very weak but it's okay, at least there were fans who supported them there. Anyway, next week's performances will be a very challenging and tough battle between the performers not to mention the girl group wars. I am very much anticipating with this battle. GIRL POWER!

Credits to CodeMonmonSeason2 @ YouTube

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