Dara and GD: DaraGon: My Photo Manipulations II

Aug 1, 2009

Okay. I got utterly bored today and decided to set myself free by going through my "artistic" side. As usual, the only way for me to escape boredom is to play with my favorite buddy - Photoshop. I think you guys already know who are my favorite models, right? So here's another Sandara Park (Dara) and Jiyoung Kwon (G-Dragon) photo manipulation. I strongly dedicate this to all Daragon shippers especially to my co-shippers in YGLadies Forums. :) Hope you guys love it.

I would like to apologize for my lame manipulation with this one.
I know, not that convincing compared to my previous works
but I was really troubled of finding a photo of Dara
that could possibly fit well to GD's photo.
If I just have a lot of Dara's HQ photos and various poses to choose,
then I'd like to work on it the better way
but unfortunately I got only few sources of her photos
so please do forgive me for this lame manipulation.

I personally like this. It's simple and cute. I've got nothing to say more. :)

Okay, I decided to make a poster for bigbangxsaranghae in her Fan Fiction of DaraGon which I truly love.
"My Pretty Boy"
Click the title to read the fan fiction. :)

Note: Credit me if you're going to use it. :)
Thank you.

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