2NE1 I Don't Care 2nd Mutizen Award @ Inkigayo

Aug 2, 2009

I was surprised that they performed a remix version of "I Don't Care" and was happy having thoughts of releasing "Pretty Boy" soon. I know some people doesn't like the remix though but I actually find it really funky and cool. The beat is somewhat have an abstract beat that it almost sounds so weird but I like the fact that it did pretty well with the song. I am so in love with Dara and Bom's hairstyle today and CL's high lights are back. I love their choreography today, I think a lot of parts were new and I specially love Bom's part. It was tooooo smexy that I could play that part on repeat. They did pretty great and I'm pretty much excited for "Pretty Boy

2NE1 - I Don't Care (Remix Version)

2NE1 - 2nd Winning (August 2, 2009)

Okay. Firstly, I am so happy and I am so overwhelmed right now that they won again. This would be their 2nd Mutizen award from Inkigayo and hoping they would win next week for a triple crown. A lot of people has been noticing Dara and Wooyoung lately since the survey at their radio show last July 30, 2009 when Dara was the most voted member as "The ideal girl" among the guy group Big Bang, 2PM and 2AM. The DJ mentioned some of the members who voted her and Wooyoung was one of the list. I didn't understand the DJ saying Wooyoung's reason though, I'm still waiting for the video to be subbed. My eyes were twinkling when people pointed out the "DARA-WOO" eye-to-eye contact and the bow at the end. In addition, you gotta love the fan boys supporting our girls esp. one guy shouting "Sandara" at the end.

Credits to kbites + FraLippoLippi @ soompi for the image
CodeMonmonSeason3 @ YouTube

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