T-Ara feat. Yoo Seung Ho - Lies MV

Jul 30, 2009

I have heard this song like weeks ago, and the first time I heard it, I actually liked it but then after I listened to it, I forgot about it. Just this day, I saw their MV on YT. Since the one I have heard was the ballad version (which I prefer better), the original version was quite familiar. Their choreography somewhat reminded me of Wonder Girls' "Tell Me" also some of the beat or should I say sounds/instrumental also sounded like it but not the entire beat at all. Anyway, I liked the song and I especially found a new crush; Yoo Seung Ho. Too bad this guy is still young though, I couldn't believe he's still 15 and he's already looking so hot.

I don't really understand the lyrics but basing from the MV itself, it's about "playboys" or boyfriends who are cheating. Basically it's a brokenhearted song. I honestly don't know their names except Boram. I personally like her the first time I took a glimpse of them from a radio show. The only name I remembered was Boram's. She's the shortest yet the oldest from the group, I just heard it somewhere on the forums. Plus, she's also the shyest member from the group. She may not be the prettiest among them, but there's something about her charm that I was attracted to. I really find her cute.

Okay, I'm being so random so just enjoy the MV.

Credits to jaeuraznmv1 @ YouTube

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