MNET 2NE1 TV Episode 4 w/ Eng Sub & screen caps!

Jul 22, 2009

I love this episode! So much funny scenes and more DaRin/ChaeRa (Dara + CL) moments too. I squeal most of the time too. LOL. Anyway, the subbed version is out. heck out the channel of YGS21RoyalAceSubs on YouTube to watch it.

Dara's "don't touch my mask." and CL bumping her head on the ceiling.

Morning Girls (CL, Bom, Dara, Minji) ~*

Dara and her black hat. She loves collecting hats btw.
The pic with exclamation mark is when they were walking outside
someone shouted "SSandara Park." She was shocked. LOL

Bommie-umma (mom) and baby CL on shopping spree ~ LOL

The "maknaes" Minji and Dara. I was thinking,
was there something wrong with the two? I mean,
Dara looks so tired and then there was this scene
MJ was talking about Dara on the cam. Then Bom picked
up Dara sitting on a bench and held her hand while they walk.
Dara was mentioning Gong Minji while they talked.
At their apartment, when Dara was talking at the camera
in their room alone, she was talking about Minji baby again.
I can't wait for the subs, I was wondering what happened
between them. XD tsk tsk..

They have their own camera. It's so cool. LOL! Darn, I forgot
to include Bommie's own cam.

I think Dara was talking about her drawings of CL to Goo Hye Sun
then she was shaking Dara at the back. It's so adorable.
Bom also shared that YG planned Bom to debut with
Sandara Park and
Goo Hye Sun around 2005.
Goo Hye Sun was shocked about it for not knowing it before,
she also added that it was a good thing it didn't happen
since she's not a good singer at all. XD

Dara and her Tami (?) moments. I'm not sure with her
bunny's name though. Also, I think she's saying that
Tami's (?) mom is CL. LOL XD really need subs ASAP!

Park Sisters moments!! They were singing and dancing Seungri's
"So sexy" when they saw CL wearing her smexy PJs. XD

Bom invading CL's teritory. LOL! XD

DaRin/ChaeRa (Dara + CL ) MOMENTS! ♥
They are sooo adorkable! Poor Minji,
Dara doesn't want her to appear on her camera.
She went to CL-roo instead and treated her
like a baby.. it's soo cute but poor Minji though.
Come here MJ baby, Kawen-unnie will
make you her baby.. Kyah~! XD
BTW, that hand patting on CL's head belongs to Dara.

This is my favorite ChaeRa/DaRin moments. ~^^~
CL hugging Dara!! Sooo sweet ~!

If you'll use my screen shots please do credit me or please do not hot link. :)

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