2NE1 Me2day Dara - CL-roo and her big head

Dec 19, 2009

Literally, a big head. Dara have some reports for us Blackjacks while showing her love for their leader CL-roo as a background of a particular desktop/laptop she reported "Wassup’, Black Jacks?! Did you get home safely? ^^ Are you really cold? Awwㅠ How can it be.. We were on stage being photographed and although we wanted to play longer, we couldn’t. We did manage to get some pictures though! Yea, it was so fun!^.^ This was our first chance and it was so good! It was only our space! Kkyak!!!" Were they able to bond along with their fellow fans? I'll be so jealous if they were. ─ ε ─

Another cute pic of our dearest CL-roo having a huge head. I wonder whose PC that is? Teddy-oppa perhaps? I see their folders which I remember from 2NE1 TV before where Teddy-oppa were showing some "x-files". Well, it could be from someone else too.

Dara's Me2day + AA-Chan for the translation

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