Kimi Ni Todoke Episode 12 - Romantic Feelings

Dec 23, 2009

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Yeah! It's finally out yo! And it's a great episode. I can't stop squealing while watching it.

「Spoiler Alert」

I really love Ayane-chan! She's my favorite next to Sawako-chan. She's very much aware of what's happening around and not to mention she's pretty clever herself as well. She protects Sawako, and I love the part where she was talking to Kurumi. I guess Kurumi wasn't expecting to get 'caught'.

I'm very much happy to know that Sawako finally understood how she truly felt for Kazehaya. We'd have to thank Ryu for that. I wasn't expecting for Ryu to tell Sawako how he really felt for Chizuru. I love Chizuru to death but I wish I could see her looking a bit more feminine. And hopefully see Ryu and Chizuru dating. Lol.

I really hate Kurumi but I should say, I kind of liked her too. Why? Cause even though her real motive is to take Kazehaya away from Sawako but then, she doesn't realize that she's helping Sawako to realize how she truly feels towards Kazehaya and thus, leading Kazehaya and Sawako together in the end. I love her role though.

I cannot wait for the next episode. One week seems so long for me already and they'd be airing the next episode next year on January 5th due to holidays. ττ ττ It sucks but I'll be patient for that! Anyway, I'm spazzing like crazy here, and I was too noisy squealing while watching it. My siblings would throw things at me to shut up. ─ε─ Oh well, seems like Kurumi's supposed-to-be-result didn't happen. And OMG!!! Even I myself thought Kazehaya would turn around and leave disappointed and heartbroken but NO!!! He ran towards Sawako, grabbed her hand and took her away from Ryu!! OMFG!! *dies*

Oookaaaaaaaaaaaaaay. Imma stop spazzing now.
'Til next time!
Ja ne~

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