2NE1 Me2day Dara - I'm too sexy for you

Dec 19, 2009

This girl is worrrkin' it! She sure knows how to pose and give a good expression on her face, no? No wonder she really likes Uhm Jung Hwa; both of them can pull of any style. And as usual, our Dara reporter doesn't talk about her photo again but instead she reported that "Today when our Maknaes were doing Please Don't Go, Bom and I did it together ke We didn't even practice it and just did it on a whim!!! Actually... I've been practicing while I watched their stage performance all this time... It was self-taught ke When I was doing it at home by myself it seemed okay, but when I was actually performing it, I realized I was doing it wrong the whole time keke Oh my~ ke If Chae Rin and MingKki finds out, I'll be so embarrassed!!!....."

Dara's Me2day + orangie @ ygsecret21.com for the translation

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