G-Dragon and Dara: aren't they cute together?

Jun 27, 2009

I know that the first time Dara Park was featured from the MV of I’m sorry by Gummy feat. T.O.P., many fans where voting for T.O.P. and Dara as somewhat of a love couple but right after the release of the Lollipop MV by Big Bang (which Dara and G-Dragon got paired from the MV) and their counterpart 2NE1 and some videos showing the 2NE1’s behind the scenes, some found out that Dara Park from 2NE1 is very dorky and has a funny personality. That leads them to pairing G-Dragon – leader of Big Bang which many observed both of them have the same personality and sense of fashion and was named “Daragon” or “G-Dara” as their couple name. Both Dara and G-dragon are funny and dorky which make them look cute together and seemed to have a good chemistry. In addition, G-dragon actually lent Dara some of his accessories. I think from the image below, you will see GD’s accessory used by Dara. I know that they have some age gaps because Dara is turning 25 and I think GD is 21 years old, but hey, age doesn’t matter at all and if you could actually look at Dara, she’s way too younger to look like her age.

Well anyway, I’m hoping to see more of these two. I hope both of them would have a show where they would be like dating or they would have a series/movie that they are being paired. LOL. So much for that, I’ll be supporting both groups, 2NE1 and Big Bang, especially with Dara and G-Dragon.

**credits to crunchyroll for the images.

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