Ironic Life

Jun 26, 2009

It’s raining today, and I feel like raining from the inside too. I have just thought of something lately. I found “Irony” quite funny and sad at the same time. If “the only certain thing in life is death” then I’d like to add that life is undeniably unfair, we all know that. Life is full of irony, that’s for my own opinion. We can never deny the fact that there would always be the “fortunate” and the “unfortunate” ones. It’s one way of balancing life. As a person, we both have the fortunate and unfortunate parts in ourselves. Like myself, I’m proud to say that I’m very fortunate with my family, although we may not have all the riches in the world, but I have very supportive and loving parents and siblings that those riches mean nothing at all. They’re not perfect at all and they do have flaws but I’m very proud to say that I’m very lucky to be part of my family. Not only with my family but also with my friends and I’m very blessed to have them, all of them!

As for my “unfortunate” part, sadly I’m always unfortunate when it comes to love. I’m a person who dreams to have a romantic love life but yet I always fail to have one. For once in my life I had found that person, but unfortunately, that love wasn’t really meant for me, it was for somebody else. Now, I have found someone whom I thought the spirit of hope existed within him that let’s not give up for love because he might actually give that same feelings I felt before, the feelings of happiness – love. But suddenly, the story went wrong and it became complicated that I myself was having trouble comprehending it. It was like a love that seems like unrequited. Love and hurt are always together and I accepted that wholeheartedly and now I’m trying my best to learn him.

Most of the girls would like to have their “prince charming” someday. A person who could treat them well, love them as much, take good care of them and make them the most special person in the world as if they were holding the most fragile thing you could ever held on. I know a few guys that are like that but sometimes, just sometimes, they were giving too much and trying so hard to be the “right one” for their special someone yet it turns out to be futile in the end.

On my side, I keep on ending up with the person whom I least find my “ideal type” of a guy or should I say my “prince charming.” Although the feeling is there, the love, the butterflies in my tummy or even the “sparkles” found in my eyes, but there would always be something that’s lacking. When I say I love a person, I really mean it but it hurts to hear that the one you love tells you he loves you back yet something just seems so wrong, it’s as if he really didn’t mean it at all. Despite that, I never gave up on love, and I still keep on hoping for someday, in some way, he would let me feel like he really mean what he said. Love comes in a different way, by this time, it’s unusual but I’m willing to learn what this kind of love means.

If you feel like giving what you’ve got, loving that person as much as you could even though you can’t have anything in return, “deserving” or not, that doesn’t matter at all. Since you did your part, you offered your love; you did whatever it takes to make that person happy and well.

*** lets continue this later, Ironic life II.

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