2NE1-I Don't Care MV: expectations failed but I still love it

Jul 9, 2009

Yes, for how many days I have been anticipating for the MV of “I Don’t Care” to be released and it's finally here. I could definitely say, the cinematography is very impressive, the settings, their outfits, the girls themselves look so gorgeous and striking emotions and expressions especially Dara and Minji projected perfectly. Sadly, I was not that ‘impressed’ compared with the release of their first MV “Fire”. But I’m not saying that I didn’t like it, in fact, I loved it. Maybe I was just expecting too much from it that it failed to match my expectations. To that, it didn’t give that much impact for me compared with their “Fire” MV.

I’ve got to say, I am very much loving Minji and Dara here. Both of them seemed to have more exposure compare to CL and especially Bom. As usual, our dorky Dara remained as dorky as she is from this video. I could see a lot of her real personality being expressed there such as her ‘can’t live without my favorite thing in the world’ – her microphone. In which from the MV, she uses a blush on brush as a substitute of her microphone. There were so many dorky expressions she has done from the MV and she still never failed to make me smile especially the clapping part where she was clapping her chin instead. I think Dara’s acting skills are really improving.

CL is the bad ass girl. Her rapping totally owned the MV. I loved the part where she was saying “bad girl” while giving a punch to the camera. It was really cool, very nice poise and charisma. I could really feel her being very fierce. CL is totally feeling her actions thus giving fiercer attitude to their song. Bom’s vocals here were really fascinating. Although she could hardly be exposed to the MV, she could still stand out with her looks being the most gorgeous of the group.

I could say their dance steps or choreography wasn’t that good as I was expecting. (I was really expecting too much from this MV) Honestly, I didn’t like some of their dance steps and I’m not saying entirely but I’m hoping to see them perform this on live, maybe it’ll look better when performed live anyway, I’ll be able to see the full choreography and even a couple of new steps/choreography as well.

I’ve also noticed something, it's kind of hard to focus on the MV with all the constant switching of the scenes or settings. Like I’d like to see them more on that part then suddenly the scene changes right before you wanted to focus on it. Kind of make my eyes hurt sometimes and give me headache watching it. I can say the MV’s production was a bit rushed. It didn’t turn out to be that excellent but it is still a great MV though. I still love it although the dance choreography is a bit weak, but their ‘acting’ or expressions were very strong. I can see attitude there.

Anyway, congratulations for the girls to have successfully released their 1st Mini Album and their 2nd MV entitled “I don’t care.” Let’s keep on supporting 2NE1. BTW, my expectation from this MV failed due to expecting too much excellency. I know they could do better. :)

2NE1 hwaiting !

Credits to YGEntertainment @ YouTube for the Music Video

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