MNET 2NE1 TV Episode 8 with English subtitle

Aug 29, 2009

Royalacesubs presents:

[ENG] 090812 YG TV EP 08 Part 1/5
[ENG] 090812 YG TV EP 08 Part 2/5
[ENG] 090812 YG TV EP 08 Part 3/5
[ENG] 090812 YG TV EP 08 Part 4/5
[ENG] 090812 YG TV EP 08 Part 5/5

credits: w a s a b b y @ soompi + YGS21RoyalAceSubs

  • Big Bang's photoshoot
  • TOP imitating SeungRi
  • 2NE1's behind the scenes during Style cameo shoot
  • Bom and Minji fighting over for Ssan-Rabbit's (Dara) Master
  • 2NE1 playing at the camera with tbe night vision on
  • 2NE1 being interviewed by their PD
  • G-Dragon playing and taking care of his baby Ga Ho
  • G-Dragon's photoshoot
  • G-Dragon and Dara's recording for their Hello track
  • G-Dragon teasing Dara about the mistake she made during their Last Farewell performance
  • G-Dragon playing around with the camera on night vision too
  • G-Dragon introducing his bed sheet "Tom and Laura"
  • The making of G-Dragon's Music Video for Hearbreaker
  • 2NE1 visiting G-Dragon's music video shoot
  • Dara getting her international driving license
  • Dara signing for an autograph named "Chaerin"
  • Dara thought she didn't know that Chaerin is a fan of her (LOL)
*Chaerin is the name of the woman's daughter who asked

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