2NE1 and G-Dragon at the Super Model Contest

Sep 25, 2009

2NE1 - I Don't Care

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I love the fact that the Park Sisters - Dara and Bom, are having a new style today. Dara wearing baggy clothes. I especially love her Mickey Mouse Tee and still can't get over her purple shoes. Dara wearing CL's earrings and pants is a plus too. Bom, on the other hand, didn't wear any dress for today's performance. She's still sexy despite her legs being fully covered. She still brings out that 'feminine' side of their group. These to brought a fresher look with their new change of style. CL and Minji are constantly awesome and looking fab as well. Of course, they all are. I love their energy from this performance too. Overall, it was great performance and it's a good thing from being a 2NE1-deprived fan like me.

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G-Dragon - Heartbreaker

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Yet another great performance from G-Dragon himself. I love his all-black outfit today. Also, did he trim his hair? I love it. He looks neater, plus it won't be a bother of cover his face with too much hair. I want to see how hot my baby bong is. I am always lost for words of how a great performer GD is.

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