Me2Day success through G-Dragon and Dara!

Sep 5, 2009

Over the past couple months, Me2Day, a Korean version of Twitter, has gained huge success and forwards their special thanks to Big Bang leader G-Dragon, and 2NE1 member Sandara Park.

On August 7th, the Korean social networking site said this, "Over the 2 years Me2Day has been up, all the traffic we've gained, was gained instantly in one day... I guess you could say it makes the past 2 years feel like nothing." Why did they say that? Because August 7th was the day G-Dragon joined Me2Day, and he brought more traffic in one day than Me2Day has achieved in 2 years.

Twitter is one of the most rapidly growing social networking sites internationally. Although Me2Day doesn't share as much international success, it is said that it is one of the most popular sites in Korea, along with Cyworld.

So what is the secret to this success? Research shows that sites like Twitter and Me2Day have gained momentum due to celebrities. Fans feel like they can connect to the celebrities as they read about what the celebrities are doing with every "tweet" and "me2," and the popularity of the site is expected to only rise as more celebrities get into the game.

Thanks to es2pido for the tip!

cr: allkpop

Congratulations for Me2Day's success. All thanks to Dara especially G-Dragon. These two could be one heck of an income generator couple! ;)

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