Oct 7, 2009

End of year concert hall coronations and discussion of details... new album releases next month

Girl group 2NE1(picture) will hold a large-scale concert at the end of the year.

The 2NE1 concert is very significant in various ways. The only female groups that have held their own concerts are Finkl(1998,1999), S.E.S(2000), and the Wonder Girls(2008). For a new group whose debut hasn’t even passed a year to hold a solo concert at such a huge performance hall, it is impossible without a number of hit songs and a huge popularity.

There have been a lot of female idol groups out, and especially this year has expanded so much to the point where it has been called a ‘fountain of girl groups.’ The why reason girl groups are not able to hold concerts is because compared to male groups, there aren't as much enthusiastic participation from fans. So, for concert management companies, it isn't easy to invest in female group concerts.

But 2NE1 has had an uncommonly great deal of attention since before their debut, and this put them at a different position from all the other girl groups. Even before 2NE1’s debut, they had gone up the music charts with the LG Cyon commercial theme song ‘Lollipop’ in March. In May, they debuted with ‘Fire’ and gained so much popularity that they won first place in a mainstream music program in just one month.

In July, after the release of their mini-album, ‘I Don’t Care,’ as well as ‘In the Club’ ‘Let’s Go Party’ ‘Pretty Boy’ etc. has gained equal popularity and went up in high ranks in the music charts. They not only caught the eye of the viewers with their dance, fashion, and feminine charm, but won with their music and made huge progression.

After they ended their mini-album activities in mid-September, 2NE1 is planning on releasing another album around November, so they will probably have enough hit songs to fill up the 2 hour performance of the concert. YG Entertainment says, “ 2NE1 has showed a will for a concert since their debut, and since their first mini-album has had an amount of success, reason to agree for a concert was sufficient.”

SOURCE: 김원겸 기자 gyummy@donga.com
Translated by: orangie @ ygsecret21.com
Edited by: Serpantine@ ygsecret21.com
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