G-Dragon and Dara's INC Tee

Oct 9, 2009

I just wanted to share something since I have no new updates for today; something about Dara and GD's INC Tee. My co-appler mushymuff found out about this around September 10, 2009 and then I just checked the date today while I was typing this, amusingly it's October 9, 2009 today, almost month after it was being discovered. LOL! Anyway, enough of my randomness again. Here are the pics where they wore it.

cr: mushymuff @ ygl

It's written as "I ♥ NY COLONIZE" (thanks suedbee @ ygl for the tips) YG artists really have great fashion sense, and with these two as the trendsetter as they are, seems to have common sense of style as well with their own personal styling. There's another pic where Dara wore it again, I think this came from her audition tape for YG. Dara and GD, as known to be the HAT Collectors themselves, has once again found a similar hat.

cr: buffy07 @ ygl

I think GD recently wore it during their performance in "Idol Big Show" last October 3, 2009. Particularly, from their "I Don't Care" Unplugged version featuring GD. If Dara also wore that hat during that day, not only their outfit kind of matches each other but the hat would perfectly make them the cutest couple matching outfits that day.

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