2NE1 Dara - Me2day PHOTO updates! 09/11/08

Nov 8, 2009

Dara: Fighting mode!!!^^ We’re fighting!!!

Aww.. Park Sisters ~ ♥ I've been wanting some Park Sisters love last month and just this month, it has been filled with Park sister moments. I can't help myself to love this two more.

Dara: Bom has finished her performance and went from the stage to the waiting room!
She’s missing it already???? It’s OK~^^ Bomtori-nim??
Next week as it stands, will you make an appearance~ Huh??

It seems like Bom's going to perform again. She'll do better that time.
Bommie, hwaiting!


But of course, who would ever forget the most popular newly weds? I love DaRin couple too, now I can't wait to have some MinDara moments. I'm still loving CL's black hair. ♥

Dara's Me2day Video Updates:

Teddy Bear Stuffed Toy I
Dara: Wassup?

Teddy Bear Stuffed Toy II
Dara: Good Bam! ^^ Boong~!

Dara and CL's Me2day + Translations: AA-Chan and ncly

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