2NE1 Dara - Me2day PHOTO updates! 09/11/14

Nov 14, 2009

Dara: It’s getting darker bit by bit…The wind is blowing so hard that the windows and curtains are wiggling..I can’t do anything but sit alone under my blanket. How much time has passed by… Someone came back home! Duhduh…duhduh…They’re walking toward our room…! Kyak~!!! I’m trembling…ㅠ

Dara: I’ve returned home and the other members are occupied^^ My spirit is refreshed and my dark circles are gone after my nap. Then the members, little by little became three..as they went to exercise and left me alone at home..”I’m home alone…” is what I’m thinking..

Dara: Came from the house to see my mum and younger brother.. The members followed me and they left surprisingly and took my scissors againㅠ And so, I just returned from my vocal training together with my dark circles!!

Dara: Instead of us, you can see another person here!” and I’m going to create a scary atmosphere-_-ㅋ Minji was scared and when she was the only one who wasn’t sleeping..but my muscles..I couldn’t sleep in the dark room even though all others had gone to sleep! My body is tiredㅠ When I feel like that, I look to my friends….Ah!…

Dara: Oh my god, good morning! After a long night, I got in at quarter to 5 in the morning 2NE…I’m really tired between appearances and my spirit is lagging.. That time Minji said, “CL unni was chuckling” but CL was quiet.. I’m already feeling sleepy again…..

Dara's Me2day + Translations: AA-Chan

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