2NE1 magnaes Minji and Sandara (a wannabe) Me2day UPDATES!

Nov 13, 2009

It's been a while that Minji updated her Me2day. This time, the magnae and her rival Sandara, - magnae-wannabe updated today. Minji baby showing to everyone a bouquet of fresh flowers, and it's as fresh as her smooth skin too.

If our magnae Minji is showing her freshness and cuteness from her update, the magnae-wanna be Sandara is showing the opposite. With the dirt marked on her feet like that, showing her sad face telling their fans that they're training really hard in preparing for the MAMA event.

Still, she looks cute nonetheless. Everyone's doing their best so I hope Blackjacks are doing their best too in voting our girls for the MAMA awards. I wonder who's hand is that? I'm pretty much sure it's a guys hand, no? Maybe from their manager, S-Dragon? kkk! NOT! It's PD Choi. Sandara said "he 2nd day into practising for MAMA… Working hard! My soles have also suffered…ㅠㅠ And next to me is Choi PD! The PD for 2NE1TV! And recently Ssan-Rabbit has been filming TwentyTV!^.^V Hwaiting!"

It seems like PD Choi still hangs with them, no? I hope 2NE1tv would be back. I miss watching the girls every Wednesday.

Dara + Minji's Me2day
Translation: Sookyeong @ KBites

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