Big Bang G-Dragon and 2NE1 Dara Me2day updates [Nov 16, 2009]

Nov 16, 2009

G-Dragon: My Simpson eyes are the charming point!!

Yes yes, you are indeed charming my love ~ ♥ Haha!

G-Dragon: Concert stage!!! Im a SPY~like 007, i will send u more info later! ㅋ(k)

Getting busier with the preparation for you concert my love? I hope you get some good rests too. I can't wait for the surprise you're preparing on your concert. Why do I have this gut feeling that you're going to propose to me on that day, my love? Bwahaha!

G-Dragon: I heard Mnet is preparing something..A Kwon Ji Yong look-a-like contest! Do you think I’d fail?ㅜ

Meanwhile, Dara updated her me2day right after G-Dragon. Showing yet another random update for us.

Dara: There’s no-one in the living room…

G-Dragon and Dara Me2day
Translation by ncly's friend JinSeo and AA-Chan

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