G-Dragon and Sandara Park chosen as idols who could pursue acting

Nov 2, 2009

Sidus HQ Training Center C.A.S.T. by iHQ, a center for training actors in Korea, took a survey of which idol star would succeed in acting.

The survey was open for 5 days from October 28th to November 1st and in the end Big Bang's G-Dragon won 217 votes taking the lead for the male category and 2NE1's Sandara Park won 292 votes doing the same for the female category.

The runner-ups were Ok Taecyeon of 2PM and Sulli of f(x). Taecyeon earned 174 votes while Sulli earned 143 votes. Though SHINee's Minho lost by a lot he came in third with 16 votes. SNSD's Yuri was third for the girls with 114 votes.

The people who took the survey reasoned that G-Dragon has given great acting performances in Big Bang's music videos and he always gives a powerful performance on stage. People also commented that if he became an actor he could take on any kind of role from a cute boy to a charismatic guy.

For Sandara Park, she has already had some experience in acting and she looks very young for her age so she could play younger and older parts. She's also famous for having all kinds of facial expressions which could come in handy for her acting.

2nd place Taecyeon was chosen because of his acting as a "beast" on stage as well as his ability to pull off many different styles. Sulli has also had past acting experience when she was young and always manages to look camera-ready.

Minho has the looks that could get him a part on Boys Over Flowers, which in people's opinions affects one's acting skills. For Yuri, she seems to have a pure and innocent image that could work well with acting.

I know G-Dragon or Sandara Park will most likely win this one but think about it. This is not a poll on who has the most amount of play counts on your iPod.


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