G-Dragon wants to marry a Japanese woman

Nov 11, 2009

Rough Translation:BIG BANG The Television Weekly 「週刊ザ・テレビジョン」 magazine

The huge title caption quoting GD as saying "my ultimate goal is to marry a Japanese"

According to TOP, they're like a family, so they always eat out or go shopping together. They also know each other's fashion sense, so if one of them is shopping alone and he see's something that another member would love to wear, he'll call him up to let him know.

TOP and Lee Byung-hun have a big bro/little bro relationship, so they often work out together. Lee Byung-hun also gives him acting advice.

Taeyang is a Beyonce and Michael Jackson fan. Everyone except for TOP went to her concert in Korea. He often listens to his ipod and has songs by both artists on it. His favorite MJ songs are Human Nature and I Just Can't Stop Loving You. He'll often sing these songs out loud in his car. Before he goes to sleep, he'll listen to some of MJ's slower songs to relax.

Seungri liked Crows Zero.
GD likes the Japanese movie "Ima Ai ni Ikimasu." [GREAT movie btw.]
Taeyang likes the movie Spirited Away (it made him cry when he watched it in middle school).

At the end of the article, the reporter asked the guys what surprised them when they first arrived in Japan. When Daesung first visited Japan, he was surprised that the Japanese drive on the other side of the road and that their steering wheels are on the other side of their cars too. He got his driver's license in March, but still doesn't have a car yet.

GD mentioned that he was surprised by how beautiful Japanese women were ^^ He told the reporter that he was going to start studying Japanese right away! [lol] Dae then said that GD had been looking through a Japanese magazine that day and had been captivated by what he saw ♥ In response, GD stated he was going to marry a Japanese woman. Taeyang then reminds everyone how GD just decided he was going to do this today [haha]. Rather than falling in love w/someone on first sight, he's [Taeyang] more interested in spending time with them and getting to know them first. TOP got the final word and said that he often falls for girls on first sight, and that he'd like both a Korean wife AND a Japanese wife. At the end of the interview, everyone erupted in laughter ~ XD

Translation:seiji gaku@omonatheydidnt
Oh my Gaho! Jiyong-ah, NO!! How about me? T T But I'm quite sure that he just wanted to marry Aoi Yuu, his ultimate Japanese crush. Lol! And YOU CANNOT HAVE TWO WIVES AT THE SAME TIME!! That's just not RIGHT! Humph! Just go with a Korean wife. kkk!

Here are some HQ scans:

From YG Entertainment

From YG Entertainment

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Credits: Mehndi @ soompi [HQ Scans]

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