Park Bom - You and I at Inkigayo [Nov 15, 2009]

Nov 15, 2009

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I think she did good and she did better on this performance compared to her first, as expected. Although I still think she can really do so much better than that. Or maybe my expectation for her is just too much? What I just don't like from her performances is sometimes, she gets lost. Good thing is, I don't see much of it from this performance. Maybe because she was more focused today without all the dance choreography, no?

Though I kind of felt it was a bit boring to watch but she did well. I guess having a little bit of a choreography here and there, it would've looked more interesting. So I'll take back what I said from her first performance. She just need to focus a bit more so things would go smoothly. Just a simple choreography without moving too much would do and a little bit of acting added to it cause I love how she showcase some of her expressions.

I love how she got a lighter make-up today. It shows more of her natural beauty that is indeed stunning. She looks extra beautiful today, and I love it. I think she'll perform again next Sunday? I hope so. I want to see more performances from her.

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