Taeyang - Wedding Dress 'behind the scene photos'

Nov 2, 2009

Wedding Dress is the most awaited single to be released from Taeyang's album since it captured everyone's interest. Rumors have been circulating since the teaser has been shown on Taeyang's "Where U At" MV where it has been confirmed that it was Aimee Lucas who appeared to be wearing the wedding dress on the teaser. On the latter note, Aimee Lucas updated her tweeter saying that she will not be the girl in Taeyang's "Wedding Dress" music video anymore.

On the other hand, another rumor has been spread that Sandara Park of 2NE1 was seen wearing a wedding dress and that fans were thinking that she could be the girl on Taeyang's upcoming Wedding Dress MV. I'm a bit skeptical about things like this so I didn't believe it, unless I'll see some picture of her wearing it.

On October 28th this year, Park Bom released her digital single "You and I" with a music video which we saw that Park Bom was wearing a wedding dress since the music video started with a wedding. That led me on concluding that those particular fans who possibly saw 'Dara' on a wedding dress mistook Bom for her.

So now, everything has been cleared! Sandara Park is not the girl from Taeyang's Wedding Dress. You won't believe me? See for yourself!

credit: cyworld and BBCN + elavip for the photos

She's quite pretty, no? I'm very much excited about this! We'll be seeing Taeyang playing piano again wearing his formal suit. Hot! Some fans are a bit disappointed that Dara won't be on Taeyang's MV and some are relieved. In the end, we're just here to support Taeyang's solo activity. Let's be happy for this! :)

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