G-Dragon and Sandara Park Me2day UPDATES [Dec 1, 2009]

Dec 1, 2009

Ah.. these two would always update almost at the same time, no? 5 minutes gap this time. Mostly this happens when GD updates first, Dara would always follow to update next. Now, they also have similar updates. Pictures of them! Cute coincidences, right? Here it goes.

G-Dragon: "Hello, it's been a long time. I hope you are sleeping well? I am now preparing for the concert because time is drawing closer. Here's a picture for you ^^ Good night and sweet dreams ~"

Dara: "What's up?! ^^ I've been taking some shots back to the apartment for a today. I'm going to share my birthday pictures~I'm trying to divide the girls per chapter! It's fun! We will be creating many, many memories in the future."

Dara + G-Dragon's Me2day & Belle aka knucklepink @ YGLadies/21evo for translations

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