I am in love with Kimi ni Todoke!

Dec 17, 2009

Don’t we just love December? Well I know I do. And it feels so much better when I’m watching Kimi ni Todoke. It’s probably the second anime series I loved perfectly just by watching the first 1 minute of the video. Why? It’s because the main female character happens to be the type of anime girls that I like the most. Finally, I have successfully watched something that goes well with my taste. Not to mention I only watch the first few minutes and I instantly knew that I’ll like it… no, not actually like but LOVE it.

Kuronuma Sawako also known as “Sadako” is a high school student whose only wish is to make friends with everyone. Unfortunately, all the students seemed more scared and rather unwelcoming. People get scared of her due to the rumors about her and the way people misunderstand her. Well, she does have problems on expressing herself well that people misunderstood her quickly. Even how she looks kind of reminds you of Sadako herself, from “The Ring” movie. But her personality is the total opposite of the horrific girl that you’re trying to imagine. Sawako is a shy, innocent and honest type of girl. Others who were staying away from her because of how she resemble “Sadako” might not only be the reason but because she tends to shy away from other people too. Fortunately, everything seemed to change when Sawako and Kazehaya Shota started to talk to each other.

Kazehaya Shota was the very first person who talked to her and was able to treat her nicely. Sawako was used being responded by people with “I’m sorry, it’s okay, etc.” and Kazehaya Shota was the only person who was able to say “Thank you” to her. Kazehaya is quite popular at their school; everyone liked him, whether be it a girl or a boy. He’s really friendly, outgoing and a laid-back type of guy, not to mention how cute he really is that all girls from their school formed an alliance called “Kazehaya is Everyone’s” to have a peaceful rivalry. Kazehaya was basically the reason who changed Sawako’s life. Because of him, he was able to open Sawako’s world to others.

It’s a funny and interesting story per se that you might really love it as much as I do. I love how Sawako doesn’t seem to understand how she feels about Kazehaya yet. She’s too ignorant or should I say too innocent to know about love, love that’s more than just a friend that is. Kazehaya on the other hand, obviously loves her too but he gets easily nervous and shy at her when it comes to this. They’re cute, aren’t they?

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it once more, I am frigging in love with this anime! You will too, if you’ll give it a chance. I can finally watch a romantic comedy anime series without complaining how predictable the storyline is; because I know I’ll enjoy how each episode would lead to its end.

By the way, this anime series is still on going. The release date for the raw episode would be every Tuesday but you might as well wait after one or two days for it to be subbed. Well anyways, I’ll go back spazzing on how spazztistic each of its episodes are! I can’t wait for Tuesday to come.

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