2NE1 Me2day Dara - Dalong's Cafe

Jan 4, 2010

Aha! So those are Dara's gifts from her birthday. She organized is pretty well. "Tadah~! Dal-ong is stuck at the dorms due to the heavy snow~ Changed the room a little! Here is the balcony keke Decorated it by lining all the presents [I] got for [my] birthday! When the kids saw this they asked me if I opened a market kekeke This is going to be the most sought-after place in the dorm!! ^.^ Now if there is only a table; welcome to Dal-ong's cafe! The view is pretty too". Are those Macadamia chocolate? I love that chocolate. Oh, and I wonder what are those things at the top which she covered with her caption? Books? CDs? DVDs? Heh!

Dara's Me2day +
lovesong@YGS21 for the translation

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