New Year Messages from 2NE1

Jan 2, 2010

I was supposed to post this yesterday but I was too busy enjoying New Year's day. 2NE1 never forgot to greet us on New Year's day. Well in fact, they even left messages for us. Let's start off with our baddest female leader ─ CL-roo.

Thank you so much for 2009!
Please take care of us in 2010 too~
〞Happy new years〟

From CLoo.
Minji-baby showed us her aegyo side as being the maknae of the group. She may be all fierce and cool on stage but off-stage, she's a very cute maknae.

To: All the Blackjacks~♡
Is everyone well? This is everyone's cutie pie "Minggi"!!
The new year 2010 has arrived~ Now Minggi is 17↗*
I'll become even prettier~ You'll watch over me right↗
Please play together with 2NE1 in 2010 as well~ ^^
Because Minggi trusts in all the Blackjacks~ keke
Please be healthy and have a Happy New Years~!!

Director Yang
Please give me
some New Year's money ㅠㅠ
Want you!!

I just had to laugh at Minji-baby wishing for some New Year's money to Papa YG. And yes, we know that you're getting prettier everyday just like your unnies. Up next is our Park Sisters! Firstly, let's go with our "Oh my goddess ─ Ssantoki".

To BlackJack !!! ♡
Hellooo~! ^.^ This is SsanToki!*(Bom is beside me harassing…)ㅠ.ㅠ Aah~!
It's 2010! Kya~! A really memorable 2009 has passed… and a new year has arrived!!!
Be healthy in the New Year too! And I hope that you'll have a happy one with your family~ and friends! Also…
You'll continue to love 2NE1 more~ more than last year by a lot! too~right?!↗ I'm trusting in you guys! ^.^
Happy New Year Black Jack! Muah~!

(On the bomb)Fortune
<--Pocket of Fortune** 2010/21 - Please be a huge hit! From Blackjack's cute SsanToki... ^.^ Bbyong! ㅡ

* - "Ssandara"'s nickname is "Ssantoki" which means mountain rabbit ** - the bomb part I don't really get. I think she's making fun of how in Korean, new years is characterized by wishing people good fortune "bok" while bomb in korean is spelled "pok-tan" v-v yea idrk.

Don't you just love the dorkiness and randomness of our Park Sisters? To complete the Park Sisters, here's Bomtaro at your service.

To Black Jack~ ♡
Hii~♡ I'm Bom~ Bomtaro* kekeke (beside me Ssantoki keeps telling me to stop being so cunning. This Ssan!!To!!Ki!! You're gonna get a scolding!!)
Now it's already a new year ♡
Spending 2009 with you guys made me really happy…♡
I'll never forget it in my life~ =) In 2010 I'll upgrade myself even more~♡
Happy new year~♡
Please have a happy new year~ ♡

From Bom~♡

* - Bom's nickname is Bomtaro because she likes Hamtaro. OTL

And here are some goodies from 11st CF.

Images (2NE1 messages) credit to 2NE1 Network
Translated by GEE @
11st Wallpapers credit to 11st

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