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Feb 17, 2010

Dara: Our make-up artist personally made the ladder! I rushed! first place~ so I picked number one... bam-bara-raaaam!!! TT TT Why did I...why...did I do that.. sigh.. why did I do that... And why is my hair cut off from the picture... I wanted to take a self-shot with [my] palm tree hair... TT TT ke[ke] Ahm-ool Dara ke[ke]

Dara: This is something that happened a while ago.. There was an early schedule to do this morning and so we had to do makeup but yesterday our schedules ended late so you know~ the feeling of wanting to sleep just 30miinutes more~ [We were] wondering who should go first so I ended up suggesting making this latter game! I advocated it strongly!!! but... TT TT
[T/N: "강추" is a shortened version of a longer world meaning strongly suggested...]

Dara: Wassup?! ^.^ Its been a while~! Did you all eat dduk-gook~? Everyone, lets all smile brightly and enjoy this new year! Happy New Years~! ^.^ bow! (^^)(__) ppyong~!
[T/N: dduk-gook is like the rice cake soup]

Dara's Me2day + Translation by: lovesong @ ygsecret21.com

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