2NE1 Me2day Minji - Maknae Spam Updates

Feb 1, 2010

"I'm starting today with a glass of milk~^^I bought it yesterday when I went grocery shopping ke Fresh milk!!!!" Aha! She's indeed the maknae of the group. Keep on drinking milk Minkki baby! It's good for you. And wow, that's a huge glass right there. I don't think I could finish drinking that much of milk. Lol.

Minkki just woke up and she's wearing GD's Heartbreaker Tee. Now, I really want one. Minkki said "How half-awake Ggong Minggi looks in the morning ke ke" Our baby is getting prettier each day, eh? And it seems like our me2day queen Dara hasn't been updating us yet. I think Minkki's substituting her for the mean time. kkk! It's good, cause I miss Minkki too and I hope the other girls would update for us as well.

Here's Minkki at the grocery store!! "kekeke (we) came to grocery shop ekkeke Vroom~~!!" Where are your unnies Minkk-ah?

Our maknae simply said "sound~♥ Next time I'll show you another drawing~ ^^". Our baby is doing pretty good artworks, no?

Minji's Me2day + Translated by: elavip @ ygsecret21.com | GEE @ YGLadies.com

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