Sandara Park, Her Screen-Protagonist-Role-Debut Countdown

Feb 10, 2010

Sandara Park of 2NE1 has entered the screen-protagonist-role-debut countdown.

Sandara Park has already made a surprise appearance in MBC's "Return of Iljimae" last year. She showed a completely different side of her playing the role of a ninja's daughter Riero (sp?) saving Iljimae (played by Jung Il Woo)'s life.

It has been found out Sandara is getting many lovecalls from Choongmooro. She got a request to be the protagonist role in the Korean version of "Step Up". A staff said, "We've sent the scenario to Sandara. We thought she was the perfect cast for this project since she can sing and dance and has already tried acting in movies and dramas of Philippines and Korea."

Staff of YG Entertainment, which Sandara is part of, said "Sandara got lovecalls from not just that movie, but a few other dramas and movies asking her to play the protagonist role. She's been an actress already in the Philippines and has also constantly been getting acting lessons as a member of 2NE1. From now on, the fans might be able to see her in movies and dramas, not just on stages performing as 2NE1."

I'm excited for this and I hope YG would accept this offer. I think it'll be a good opportunity for Dara to showcase more of her talent ─ acting. I think this is also a good movie for her to prove herself that she can sing and dance too. I don't really like other people saying "she should stick to training singing/dancing" stuffs. Don't they know that when you enter to a movie you'd really have to train yourself depending on the role given to you? I'm sure Dara would be trained for that too. Well, anyways hoping for this to pursue!

- Written by Kyung-ee Joh of OSEN

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