2NE1 Me2day Dara - Dal-Ong's Gone Crazy

Mar 19, 2010

Dara: Dal-Ong's Gone Crazy series part 3! I came to look for CL-Roo but it seems like she's bathing with her closet door open?! keke Oh! Pictures spotted! There~ is my picture! When did she write that Beh-Dong❤Beh-Uhn? You like me that much? ^.^ Gasp! That..That picture is.. CL-Roo's one love Teddy! TT Hm.. They do look good together! What! Me? or Teddy?!? Who do Black Jacks choose? TT

[T/N: Beh-Dong is the abbreviation of 'Baby Dongseng' in which Dongseng means younger sibling in korean. Beh-Uhn is the abbreviation of 'Baby Unnie' in which Unnie means older sibling.]

Dara's Me2day + Translations by orangie @ ygsecret21.com

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