2NE1 Me2day Dara - Sinigang na Hipon

Mar 7, 2010

Seems like Ssantoki has visitors. Darong said "Tada~! This is the Philippines food called Sinigang that I really really really like! Since there is shrimp in it, it's called sinigang na hipon* (shrimp)! My friends came from the Philippines to play and so they cooked this for me yum yum yum!^.^ It looks delicious~~~!!! I better~eat this cleverly!!!^^ke!" Aww that's sweet. She must have missed Filipino foods so much. I envy them, they get to hang out with Darong.

Just because she's the selca queen doesn't mean she takes pictures because she's vain. She has her reason behind it. She stated "This is a Polaroid of Darong! I like taking pictures and making memories so I'm always picking these out and giving them to the people that I treasure and cherish too~!^.^ My present of a memory~ Not everyone gets one but if you receive one, I hope you enjoy it~!^_^ Bbyong~!" Aww. I'm sure those people who shall receive those pictures of you shall cherish it and their memories of you will remain.

"Spring is gradually coming so I purchased a couple three quarter length t-shirts.. but when I tried this one on... it's like a long sleeve t-shirt? weird.. -_- My arms are pretty long.. Whoever said my arms are short like Tamtam-ii..you've misunderstood!ㅠke Noo!!!kekeke why is it like this~~" Such white skin.. (─┬─ o ─┬─)

Dara's Me2day + Translation by: GEE @ YGLadies

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