Bom's Thanks Message for the Blackjacks on her Birthday

Mar 26, 2010


To you guys~♡
Hi~♡ =)
This is Bom~♡ ke ke ke I was able to have a happy birthday because of everyone~ ♡ ke ke ke
I teared up.. because you guys wished me a happy birthday... T.T Sniff sniff..
I'll work harder in the future T.T
kekeke Fighting~ LUV U ~ ♡

PS→ We're working really hard on the album so please... really anticipate it~!!! Okay?♡

Aww. We love you Bomtaro! Please try your best, we will forever support you and 2NE1. We've been anticipating the album since forever LOL but yea, 2NE1 hwaiting!

Translated by: GEE @

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