2NE1 at Music Bank (June 26, 2009)

Jun 28, 2009

I have been trolling once again on YouTube and found new videos from 2NE1 where they performed at Music Bank last June 26, 2009. They performed the Umbrella (by Rihanna) cover which was really great. I love their outfits and their choreography too from that performance. Sadly, their Fire performance was a bit sluggish. Maybe they were too tired from all their non-stop activities. I was quite disappointed with it a bit but still, it wasn’t that bad. At least Dara still wears her charming smile and CL still has that energy from her. A natural performer, that is.

Video from their Umbrella cover…

Video from their Fire song...

As you would notice their performance here, they have gotten a bit feeble and seem to have lost power and energy. There were some mistakes too as you can spot around 1:50 from the video, Dara and Minji bumped each other. It was cool to see that Minji held Dara’s hand to prevent her from tripping all over the floor then it turned out as if nothing happened at all. You can see how professional they acted there. They recovered their mistake that fast and then get back to performing that quickly. You can actually see Dara’s face that she was still smiling after all that.

I felt like Bommie was really exhausted leaping from the stage since she came in late at the middle of the second mini stage. You can see it around 3:03 from the video where the rest of the group started singing and dancing already while Bommie just came there and needed to catch up with them plus her face shows that she’s quite damn tired. Lastly, at the end of song, Bommie and Dara turned around quite late to end their performance around 3:36 from the video but still, it’s not that bad. I find it cute though. I heard that this would be their last performance for the “Fire” song since they’ll be releasing another mini album having 6 songs beginning July. I can’t wait to see it.

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