Another Dara and GD love love moments

Jun 28, 2009

Another day for my YouTube marathon and I was once again lurking to other blogs and websites talking about “Dara and GD’s LOVE LOVE couple” with the help of my best bud google due to a comment I have read from one of the videos I found on YouTube. It was a fanvid of Dara and GD or mostly called “Daragon” and since I love reading comments and all, I found one comment that really intrigued me. It was stated:

“I feel the love of Daragon...
you know why?
1. GD lent his accessories to Dara
2. The chili sauce story and how GD teases Dara by singing in or out
3.They're both very adorkable! :)
Just wanted to share:)”

This was actually stated by cookiecomedian129. My eyes were like popping when I read her reason #2. I was quite ignorant with that information so I asked my buddy google about it. As expected, my best bud gave me best results. I found a very “detailed” information about it from a BigBang fan site saying that Dara Park updated her blog and she was sharing some daily event with her YG family.

It was stated like this:

“remember 3 years ago.
we ate out : seven,gd,yb ~ and others from yg, we had a game and i was picked! i think i was supposed to eat chili that was so spicy! so gd said he’ll do it for me but he has one wish. i said ok go~!
he said… i must sing “IN or OUT” with choreography… hmmm…
i can’t help it , so i did it! it’s in a restaurant!
they took a video of the entire thing! i think until now they still keep it in their old phone and every time gd sees me…
he’s singing IN or OUT…. he’s so high pitched so much like a girl… hmmnn…
so embarrassing! bwahahahaha…..”

After reading it I was like smiling so widely and even giggled a bit. GD was so sweet to her, I mean he was like Dara's hero there yet a mischievous one. She had to offer something in return. LMAO! *Evil grin* That would’ve looked so cute. GD teasing Dara every time he sees her by singing “IN or OUT” with a high pitched voice; that would’ve been priceless if given a chance to see it. LMAO. I see a lot of GD fans get so jealous when GD is being linked with Dara or even perhaps with other girls. Unlike them, I kind of feel happy for them and hoping to look forward for them to get together with some projects such as the rumored “19 yrs old”, a drama thriller where I think Dara Park is part of the casts and that GD, TOP and Seungri are the choices of whom will be part of the casts too. I think, I’m not so sure with this though, I need to look for some sources with this one soon. Oh well, Daragon! Hwaiting ~

**credits to ygsecret21 for the super cute G-Daragon GIF :)

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