The unexpected failure

Jun 23, 2009

Not that of a very good day for an expected one. It seems that what I have been waiting for to come won’t seem to happen this day. That’s what I get for expecting too much. Well, I’m always looking at the bright side, the movie would still be showing for at least 1 week so it doesn’t matter if we couldn’t watch it today, we could watch it tomorrow, or the next day, or the day after the next day. I’m always optimistic when needed. LOL.

I would still be wearing a smile today since we were texting last night and it was quite fun but I guess he ran out of load so it was quite a short one, plus he was talking with his parents so he was kind of busy that time too. LMAO.

Oh BTW, I had this dream last night, it was kind of cool. I dreamt about vampires and obviously they were sucking blood. LMAO. I don’t want to share the details because when vampires are involved… I’d leave that to your imagination what I’m trying to point there. LOL.

Anyway, I’m going out today since I don’t want to sulk here all day long and gloom the entire room. Even the clouds are starting to get gloomy already. I hope it wouldn’t rain… ‘Cause I’m still hoping he’d be coming here and we’ll watch the movie together. HAHAHA. I’m such a person full of hope. I’d be willing to give anyone my hopes, because I think I’m having too much of it. LMAO.

BTW, if you were thinking of who I am talking here all about, and what movie we were planning to watch… I’d leave that to your imagination. Bahaha! LMAO.

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