Welcoming boredom

Jun 22, 2009

Out of being utterly bored with my life, I decided to make a new blog. Pretty much, this blog would cover up all the random things that my mind could think of and share it with you guys starting from sharing my boring daily life, to my undeniably uninteresting interests and I could even share my expectedly painful heartaches. *LOL*

I’m going to start talking about this day which is obviously a boring day again since I’m writing a post. I actually slept well since my “super boyfriend-material” bf texted me last night so I was quite happy with it which led me to a good night sleep. I woke up around 9:30 A.M. and excitedly checked my phone if he left me a message but as always, there was nothing. It’s funny how I hope for things that I myself know won’t happen. So to entertain myself, I’m writing a boring post while listening to my friend’s song list on her blog. So I’m currently listening to the song “I’m not missing you” by Stacie Orrico; wish I could do this, not to miss him which he normally does for me. *LOL* Anyway, my friend’s (Kim) playlist is quite good; you could visit her blog here.

Boredom could just kill me anytime, without him it’s a pretty boring life for me. He might not do anything; I may just end up staring at him or standing behind him all day but I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t get bored at all although people could see it’s as boring as spacing yourself out from boredom. Oh well, people like me should get a life. LMAO. Speaking of that, I’m planning to look for a job. Wish me luck for this one; I barely need money for my own happiness in which to escape daily boredom in life. Money = SPENDING SPREE! Tee-hee!

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My Monthly Quote

It's pointless to just envy other people's worlds.
I have to change my world myself.

- Sinichi Chiaki,
Nodame Cantabile

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