2NE1 I Don't Care @ SBS Inkigayo July 12, 2009

Jul 12, 2009

I thought they’d only perform at Music Bank but knowing they performed at SBS Inkigayo today is an additional bliss for me. Hooray for more 2NE1 performances! Firstly, I find their stage design to be really cute to look at since it seemingly goes well to the style that they were having on that performance. The candy colors blended well with their sweet stage presence. Once again, they used one of their outfits from their MV. It was a great choice that their hairstyle was still the same as what they had at the Music Bank performance last July 10th especially with CL and Dara though with exceptions with Bom since I think her hairstyle changed here. I can see some curls and I can say, it looks better than having a straight one. I see some new choreography as well, and I’m getting more excited with their other performances soon.

The intro started out with their acting scenes and for the overall best facial expression and acting skills goes to Dara once again. Notice how the camera keeps on focusing her even until their interview after their performance. She really looks adorable and her facial expression at the end of the song was once again pawned us from her cuteness and dorkiness not to mention the part where CL was doing her “phone” hand gesture to Dara, that was adorkable as well.

I’d pick my two best outfits from them and it goes for CL and Bom. Bom looks like an adorable, sweet little girl wearing her shorts matching with a cute hairstyle while CL looks funky with her jumper suit and not to mention her cool hairstyle. Yes, I know some of you might disagree with me picking CL as having my favorite outfit of the day but as I could watch her wearing it, she knows how to carry that style. Her charisma just blows you away no matter what outfit she would wear, and it’ll still look good on her. But really, I love Minji’s jacket as well as her hair without gel. That way, she doesn’t look so messy with her hair throwing parts to different sides covering her cutie face.

Everyone had a lively performance and they just keep getting better and better in their performances. Their vocals were strong and they never worn out of smiles it’s as if their face were programmed to be that way for the whole performance and as we could see, they were really enjoying their performance there. CL still knows how to manipulate their audiences to sing with them. HECK! The audiences were really crazy over them. They were so lively as much as the girls were. It’s always good to hear the crowd sing with the girls. The main key from this performance is that you can clearly see that they were totally having fun and enjoying their performance. One thing for sure, Dara’s vocals are way improving now. Previous performances from their debut, you could hardly hear her voice and could only listen mostly of the backtrack but this time for sure, clearly and moderately, we can hear her sweet voice improving quite rapidly. Kudos to her!

It’s not only Dara that keeps on improving from the group but EVERY ONE of them does. Exerting more efforts and giving their best to their practices and performances is impressive. Keep on growing and improving 2NE1!

Credits to prot0980 for the HD quality of the video on YT

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