2NE1 - Me2day PHOTO updates!

Jul 11, 2009

Dara's me2day UPDATE!

(Dara took a picture of Minji sleeping.. Dara you sneaky unnie! XD)

(I heard that Dara sleeps below and CL sleeps on top)

CL's me2day UPDATE!

(CL looking dayum HAWT with her hair like that.. ♥)

(Dara's dorkiness is UNSTOPABBLE! XD)

(2NE1 signing their 1st Mini Album, that's really tiresome.. XD)

Minji's me2day UPDATE!

(The maknae Minji and the maknae wannabe Dara.. haha. XD)

(That looks tasty MJ! *____*)

Bom's me2day UPDATE!

(Bom with their PD Choi.. they're getting close, eh? LOL)

credits to 2NE1's me2day

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