2NE1 - Me2day PHOTO updates! 09/07/17

Jul 17, 2009

Dara's me2day UPDATE

I found some translations with Dara's caption, it says:
*cries* before at the radio,
after she had a phone conversation with Hyori unni
Bom sent her a text message .. me too me too ㅠㅠ
I also like Hyori unni .. ^^;;
Yea Dara, I can see
very clearly at the MayBee's radio station when
Hyori called, you were more surprised and looked more
excited than Bom. I also laughed when Bom was telling Hyori
that they should go out and drink sometime and then
Dara whispered to Bom to take her as well. LOL!

I found some translations with Dara's caption, it says:
What is the reason that I am not taking my revenge on CL? k Even though she always teases me, truthfully I know that she doesn't mean it ^^ Since it is unbecoming I simply put on a pity expression! Cute baby-Rin who cannot send hearts to her fans .. I cannot hate her! I don't want to have revenge on her!

Aww.. I totally agree with her, I cannot hate CL as well.

CL's me2day UPDATE

Aww.. picture perfect! LOL.
C to the L with their stylist Yang Seung Ho is love. ♥

Minji's me2day UPDATE

Wow. Our maknae could draw! :)
I think her caption says something about green iced tea. XD

Another artworkd from our maknae MJ.
I think it's a coffee drink this time. XD

Credits to 2NE1's me2day Flickr for the images
credits to *JAEEUN @ YGS21 for Dara's caption translations.

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