2NE1 @ Inkigayo SBS 'Take 7' (July 19, 2009)

Jul 19, 2009

I’ve got to say, over and over again, 2NE1 is always improving in every performance they do. First thing to notice, YG always presents an impressive stage design. Second thing is their outfits. It seems like Minji got the new style while Bom, Dar and CL got the same concept of style from their MuBank performance last July 17, 2009. Now, third one is the crowd! I really, really love 2NE1’s crowd! Compare to the other artists who performed there, 2NE1’s crowd were one of the liveliest crowd. They even sing some parts of the song along with the girls and still keep on shouting 2NE1’s name every time they ended their part. Anyway, it’s always like that with their performance and I’m glad that they still keep on doing that. Overall, they performed it really good and I’m happy even though they didn’t win the Take 7, at least they won on the mobile ranking which they topped # 1.

"Cool and Cute" new choreography:

CL's hand went through Minji's arm doing her "Hand" phone gesture.

Dara's wink with her hand flopped near her face.

CL, Bom, and Minji's "Ohh ohh"

and once again, Dara's ending pose.

(Note: Sorry for my LQ images,
I just actually print screened it from YT. LOL XD)

Digital Music Chart - July 19, 2009

Congratulations 2NE1!

Credits to CodeMonmonSeason3 and prot0980 @ YouTube

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