2NE1 Mini Album is finally OUT! All songs ROCKED!

Jul 7, 2009

(credits from lalalabing @ soompi)

The Mini Album has been released a while ago and I was so excited hearing the songs from YT. Of course, I was really anticipating with the Mini Album especially with their song ‘Pretty Boy’ so the first thing I listened to was that song. So basically:

Pretty Boy rocked my day. It was totally awesome, the beat is sick and I can’t help myself from feeling its vibe. “Now throw you hands in the air ~ air, and wave them like you just don’t care e e” FTW! I would love to dance this all throughout the day, even though people might look at me like a swaying bamboo. LOL. Though I was expecting much more the first time I listened to it but I still loved it, especially when I played it again.

In the club is quite good as well. I was expecting it a bit more hype though, basing from its title but hey, still loved it especially Dara’s voice. I was quite astonished with her voice here, wasn’t really expecting it’ll turn out THIS good. I prefer listening to this song while I’m relaxing myself out from stress or boredom, it has a soothing melody to it and with their sweet voices, you could probably rest your mind with it.

Let’s go party is cool too. I love the intro where they were speaking “let’s go party” in different languages. I believe I heard Japanese, Korean, Tagalog and English terms of it. Again, I thought this would be like an up-beat song like ‘Pretty Boy’ but rather it’s a slow one. For me, it has a bit of trance music on it. You can still dance with it though, I could still feel good vibes from this song and I love it.

Stay together is good too. I’m not really into this one but it’s a good song. Not really something new to hear though, I mean the beat and all. But I’ve got to say, when I hear CL raps, somehow it could make a big difference from other songs. This song could be my least favorite. But still, I don’t hate it. I still like it.

And of course the never ending ‘Fire’ and ‘Lollipop’ were still awesome and I still couldn’t get over with looping this song with my mind. I’d say, nothing could still beat this two songs but I must say, Pretty Boy is catching up with these two. Almost forgot something, I also love ‘I Don’t Care’, though not that of a new up-beat song too, it’s somehow catchy and I still couldn’t stop repeating this song ‘til now.

I guess, this time, ‘Pretty Boy’ and ‘In the club’ will be now included with my forever looping songs for this month. LOL. I just love ALL the songs of their album. These two are now my new favorite song from them. Now, for this day, there are two things left that I’m anticipating about, first, the 2NE1 TV and second, the “I Don’t Care” MV. I’m being impatient, I must control myself. LOL.

The Mini Album songs are now available in YT. You can listen to it now from shanked100. Song included from the Mini Album are listed below.

1. Fire
2. I Don't Care
3. In the Club
4. Let's Go Party
5. Pretty Boy
6. Stay Together
7. Lollipop (Bonus Track)

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